Wednesday, September 1, 2010

This morning before school ...

Children in B4 are always busy, even before school.
The girls made a hammock for Emily's teddy .....

and Liam, Joberth and Jack were on the blog page and using links.

What did you do before school today?


  1. I played with Jamie s cat.

  2. Dear Emily and Courtney        auwsome work I like it. 'The fur real' toy looks cute and I have got a qestion for you.How long did it take to make it,where did you get your fur real toy. from Krystal.

  3. Dear class,

    School just started for us so we haven't had many before school days here in California. However, before school today I went out in the garden and looked at a bloom on my cactus!

    Your friend,
    Mrs. Y♥llis

    P.S. Mrs. McKenzie, are you on Twitter? Also thanks for the comment on our Welcome post! We are learning how to comment right now...but we will write a reply to you soon on our blog!


  4. Yesterday I played kicks.

  5. I watched Ollie on the computer.

  6. Today i might play coccer. with the big kids.

  7. Hello Mrs Yollis
    Thanks for your comment on our post.
    No, I'm not on Twitter, but my email is
    Enjoy your first week back!
    Judy McKenzie

  8. this is my favourite site i also love thoose little sheep so cute!

    love cecilia