Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Lunch Boxes

We photographed our lunch boxes today because the P3-4-5 class at Innerwick School in Scotland made a post asking about school dinners around the world.
Most children at our school bring a packed lunch.
Some children go home for lunch, and sometimes children order lunch at the office, which is then supplied by a local shop.

On fine days we eat lunch on the veranda and on wet or cold days we eat in the classrooms.
After 10 minutes we are allowed to go to play if we have finished eating.
Lunch time is from 12.30pm - 1.30pm.

Our school supplies fruit to the classrooms so we have our fruit just before morning playtime.

Our lunch boxes:

Co-incidentally Room 8@Melville Intermediate and Miss Tyler-Smith's class in South Africa have posted about lunches, so we will get a really good idea about lunches in other places.

They might also like to look at the Ugandan Project blog link that schools in America, Australia, China and Uganda are contributing to.

What is your favourite lunch?
Who makes your lunch for you?


  1. Five Grade 5 students and I watched your lunch video. We aspecially liked seeing the Dora-the-Explorer yogurt and sponge bob lunch box, the pizza and cake...typical ten year olds find the junk food first eh?

    Thank you for mentioning our lunch box post. We were impressed by the fact that you added music to your video. Our teacher will have to learn how to do that.

  2. Hello Class B4
    P3-4-5 from Innerwick, East Lothian in Scotland here! East Lothian is on the east coast of Scotland. Our school is in a small village called Innerwick - some of us live in Innerwick, some live near here and some live in the nearby town of Dunbar.
    We really enjoyed your post and Kyle from P4 likes the sound of getting lunch from a cafe.
    We are going to try and take photos of our lunch boxes and dinner hall and will post them on the school blog - but we have to teach our teacher, Mrs Kavanagh, how to do that first!!

  3. in my Lunch box I have an apple and a banana and a sandwich.

  4. In my lunch box I have an apple and a kiwi friut and sandwich.

  5. Hi its me justin.8 poeple in class make our own lunch and 14 of our class get there Parents and 2 other buy there lunch.

    New Zealand

  6. Mrs McKenzie and class B4October 15, 2010 at 5:41 PM

    Hi Justin
    Thanks for your answer to our question. The children in B4 are 6 and 7 years old, so their mums and dads make their lunches for them.

    Dear Miss Tyler-Smith
    I use an Apple laptop, so the music on the video comes with the iphoto program. But I could also add my music if I wished.

    Dear Innerwick School
    In 1985 I travelled around Britain and Europe on my OE (overseas experience).
    I spent several days in Edinburgh and travelled as far north as Wick and west to Mallaig, but unfortunately I didn't travel east from Edinburgh. However I really enjoyed my time in Scotland and felt like it was one of my homelands. ( My maiden name was Gordon).
    Kyle - the children can order food such as filled bread rolls, sandwiches, small cookies, sushi, and on Fridays they are allowed to order pies or hot chips and hot dogs.

    from Mrs McKenzie

  7. I took the photo(picture).

  8. Hello Mrs McKenzie and B4!
    What a contrast between your weather and ours here in East Lothian. We have had heavy snow and lightening! Although the main roads around the county are open, the road to Innerwick and the children's homes in the area are full of snow. Most of our staff live in remote areas too, so they are unable to leave their homes! We are in the middle of rehearsals for our Christmas Show (performances 14th/15th December)so lets hope school will reopen soon and we can get ready on time.
    Enjoy your sunshine!
    Mrs Kavanagh and P345