Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Little Blue Penguin

Mrs McKenzie spent a couple of days of her term break at one of her favourite places, the Fox River, on the coast road.
This is one of the road signs nearby:

There is a large sea cave at Fox River:

Sometimes the penguins sleep in there. 
Mrs McKenzie was lucky enough one night to see 
a little blue penguin in the cave. 
He was making his way to his nest, and once the 
torches were turned off 
he quickly scuttled further into a long arm of the cave, calling out to his family as he went.
Maybe he was reassuring his family that he was okay!

What do you know about penguins?
Where are your favourite places?

To read more about Mrs McKenzie's 
favourite place, click here.


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  2. Dear b4
    Today my mum Keri and Dylan's mum Andrea went to Greymouth to get some groceries. She might get me more stickers.

    best wishes Tyla ♥

  3. Dear b4
    Holly, Hannah and Natasha Lisa and Dean had a puppy at my house. We got to go to Lynette's house. I got to hold my nephew.
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  5. Dear b4
    I have seen a penguin before in Dunedin. We went there in the holidays.

    by Liam

  6. Dear B4 I reckon that it was fun. Were you scared? I have seen a penguin but it was at the Aucklandd zoo and I fed it . from Nathan

  7. Dear b4

    My mum and dad are busy today. I like my class today.

    i am seven years old today.

    by Jonathon.

  8. Dear b4

    my favorite place is the beach, and MacDonald,
    the warehouse, and Inangahua river because sometimes I go with my Dad. I like the warehouse because there are some cool toys. I like the beach because we can make sandcastle. and I like McDonald because there are toys and there are yummy food.

    your :)