Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Rescuing Hansel and Gretel

We ended our term by learning about mapping.
After hearing the story of Hansel and Gretel, we drew pictures of their journey.
We transferred our pictures on grid paper and learned to describe the journey using directional words such as 'up, down, left, right'.
Then we learned about 'North, South, East, West'.

Mapping the Journey of Hansel and Gretel on PhotoPeach

Can you rescue Hansel and Gretel using our maps and directions?

By the end of the week we were experts, so it was time to use our skills and have a treasure hunt at school.
Jonathon was the first to solve all the clues!
Here are some new clues.
Can you find the treasure?
What coloured shape did you land on?
Leave a comment to let me know.


  1. Dear B4,

    Hi, our names are Jordi and charlotte from 2KM and 2KJ.

    Jordi: We landed on the red circle. I thought that I would land on the purple diamond. We used the map and directions to help. Everyone in our class loved the post!

    Charlotte: We found out the answer with team work. I did not have to use the north, south, east and west because I always say in my mind "Never eat soggy weetbix" because that stands for north, east, south and west.

    Love your blogging buddies,

    Charlotte and Jordi.

  2. Dear B4,

    All our students enjoyed reading your post this morning. It was particularly good for us because just the other day we were learning about North, South, East and West.

    This was because Mrs Morris visited the most easterly point on the Australian mainland on the holidays.

    Great work, B4!

    Best wishes,
    Mrs M☀rris

  3. Dear B4

    I think it is great that the class has learnt about the compass. Dylan has made use of his new found skill around our farm these holidays.

    Many thanks Dylan and his Nana.

  4. Dear B4
    I've been showing my Nana what direction we are driving in the car.
    Do you know the directions?
    From Dylan.

  5. Dear b4
    Tomorrow Im going to Westport with my mum to get my ears peirced again.
    Im pretty excited because I get to pick the earings that I want in my ears and Im getting flowers.

    From Lukah

  6. Dear B4,

    Fantastic learning about *cardinal* directions!(That's what they call the four main directions here in the U.S.) I love how you blended the story you were reading about Hansel and Gretel into a geography lesson! Really clever!

    Your use of Google Maps to find the shape at your school was super-clever! I found the red circle.

    We have done treasure maps before, but not is such an interesting way. Thanks for a great lesson!

    I have a question for you:

    Which direction would you fly if you were coming to visit me in California? (Choose the shortest route.) Hint: You will need to use an intermediate direction! Good luck!

    Your pal,
    Mrs. Y♥llis

  7. Dear b4
    Hey! b4 me and my Mum Had a big puppy at my House Today and it was fun her name is Muddy and The Puppy is fun Too play Will because you can do a thing and you can Play With a ball

    from Lukah

  8. Dear b4
    in the Weekend Mrs Mckenzie did you Have see The Penguins

    From Lukah

  9. Dear Lukah
    Thank you for all of your comments. I'm glad you haver been keeping busy over the holidays.
    I did see one little penguin in the cave. He wasn't very tall. We didn't want to frighten him so I didn't take a photo.
    It sounds like you had fun with the puppies. I went to see Kelsey's puppies. She has four and they were all cuddled up together sleeping!

    Do you have a pet?

    See you next week
    Mrs McKenzie

  10. Dear Jordi and Charlotte
    Thank you for your comment on our post. I didn't reply sooner as I wanted others to have the chance to work out where the treasure was.

    You were correct when you said the treasure is the red circle. Well done. I'm glad you worked it out with team work.

    'Never Eat Soggy Weetbix' is a clever way of remembering North, East, South, West!

    from Mrs M♔Kenzie

  11. Dear Dylan
    I wonder how you were showing your nana the directions in the car?
    Did you have a compass, or a map, or a GPS?

    When I went to the Fox River I had to go south to Greymouth, then North up the coast road. Finally I ended up west of Reefton!

    See you next week!
    mrs McKenzie

  12. Dear B4
    It was hard. because
    the treasure was
    in debbys office.
    the treasure was
    a tooth paste
    and tooth
    from Tyla

  13. Sounds like fun.did u have 2 go around the school?

  14. Dear b4
    Its my Happy Birthday. Sam and Paige came to my party.
    From Nikki.

  15. Dear B4
    I like to play with masac
    and Nathan
    and Marcus

    From matthew

  16. dear Tyla
    I wish to play with you we will play tag by Neil

  17. Dear Jordan

    i have my oun motorbike i got it on my birthday.

    from Jonathon

    by jonathon

  18. Dear B4
    In the weekend we went to play with Marcus.

    by Matthew