Thursday, July 14, 2011

Why Eat Healthy Food

Do you make healthy food choices?
B4 children have some reasons why you should!

What hints do you have for the speaker?
What hints do you have for the camera person?
How would we make our videos look and sound better next time?


  1. Hi B4,
    I loved your videos. They were very cute especially the bloopers.

    My hint for the speakers is to speak slower than you would normally talk and to speak clearly. It takes a lot of practice to be able to do this.

    My hint for the camera person is to make sure that you are watching what you are videoing through the camera. Again it takes a number of times videoing and watching it back to see where you have gone wrong and how to make your videoing better.

    I was impressed at how the camera person was able to help the speaker when they needed to.

    Do you have any plans for more videos next term?

    Have fun on your holidays.

    from Mrs W

  2. Dear Mrs.W
    I did not like one of the bloopers, becuase I was in one of them.I was upside down 2 times. ♣

    from Paige

  3. Dear Mrs W
    I think the bloopers are Very very funny.
    From Nikki.

  4. Dear b4 i had fun at my house because I got to play. from Stevie.

  5. Dear mrs w
    I Think The bloopers are Funny Too mrs W when I watch them I laugh at Them I looked at me and said to my self I laugh

    from lukah

  6. Hi B4,
    Thank you for replying to my comments.

    Did you like the other bloopers that you were not in?

    I agree with you. The bloopers were very funny. Here in Australia we have a TV show called 'Funniest Home Videos'. It shows bloopers and funny things that people have videoed. Do you have this TV show in NZ?

    I'm so glad that you could laugh at yourself. We need to laugh. What did you learn from watching yourself on the videos?

    @all the people who where in the bloopers,
    What did you say to your camera person when you saw the bloopers?

    from Mrs W

  7. Dear Mrs W
    I couldnt stop laughing Mrs W, because iT was fun and Really funny. WoW iT was a big Job and when the camera person had to be responsible and a big person that needs to be careful

  8. Dear B4
    I was very happy to see how you all worked with your buddy to plan your message and film it.
    I noticed that you were all careful not to use your own names! Internet safety is always important. Well done.

    Here are my hints for the speaker:
    Stand still until the camera is off.
    Speak a little slower, and use a clear voice.

    Here are my hints for the camera person:
    Face away from a window.
    Sometimes a head shot is better than seeing the whole person.

    See you all next term!

    from Mrs M♔Kenzie