Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Family Challenge 2012

This is a great time of year to hold the Family Challenge.
The weather is colder, the nights are darker, but there is plenty of fun and frivolity in the school hall.
This year saw fourteen teams take part in these closely-contested events based on a theme of 'Fun, Play, Celebrate':
Operation Gold
Sporty Balls
Fluffy Ducks
Name that Tune
Mini Quiz
Junky to Funky

Congratulations to the B4 students who were in the winning team!
What was your favourite challenge activity?


  1. Dear Paige
    Congratulation paige on winning.
    Amzing photo paige.

    warm wisher

  2. "I liked running in the sky scraper game" said Caitlin.

    "I liked smashing the gold out the ice" said Jordan.

  3. Dear Jordan and Caitlin
    It sounded fun at the family challange

    From Lukah

  4. u8s train on wednesdays but u8s will train on friday Because there was snow
    we will train on friday because we play the game of Rugby

    by mason