Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Tale Trail

In the coming weeks, we’ll be taking part in a collaborative project called The Tale Trail.
Classes will be joining together to write and illustrate a story through their blogs.
It will start with one class writing the first part of the story and posting it to their blog.
Then, the next class will read the beginning of the story and add on to it through their blog.
We’ll continue until we get to the last class.
They’ll put the finishing touches on it and wrap the whole story up!

Each class will have 3 school days to work on their portion of the story.
At the bottom of each post, there will be links to the parts of the story that have already been done as well as the next part of the story once it’s finished.
In order to read the whole thing, you’ll be taken on a journey through the blogs of all six classes.
Down below you’ll be able to find the dates around when each class should be posting their portion of the story. You can also see a map showing the locations of all the classes.
Of course one of the most important story elements are plot, characters, and setting. 
The plot is what takes place in a story. 
The characters are who is in the story. 
The setting is when the story takes place. 
As of right now, all of that is missing from ours! 

We need your help in voting for what our story will be about. 
Use the poll below to vote for your favorite story topic. 
Voting will close on Saturday, May 5th. 
Then, check Mr. Salsich’s class blog next week to find out what topic was chosen as they kick off the first part of the project!

What did you vote for and why?
What's your favourite part about writing a story?


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    Then I was thing again than when i go home i will forgat it so i was thinking i will forgat all the thigs about it.

    Bye for now By Yaksh

  2. wow what fun your tale-trail will be - can't wait to read how the story develops!

    1. Dear Kimberly

      I`m Ian
      The Tale Trail will be written b4 Tomoro

      sincerly Ian

  3. Dear b4
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  4. Dear kimberley
    I am exited to I wish the lego one will win and some people wish the magick carpet will win.
    And my family wish the magaicr one will win .
    By Yaksh

  5. Dear B4
    I can't wait to do Tale Trail I wander what title it might be? i voted for the magic carpet.
    from Tyla