Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Making Pasta

In our Science topic with Mrs Wistrand we are 
observing, describing and comparing 
physical changes of materials when they are heated. 
We are using rice, noodles and pasta.

First we investigated and compared:
Our rice investigation

Observational drawings

Comparing properties
Then, we got to make pasta!

Have you ever made your own pasta?
What is your favourite pasta dish?


  1. Dear b4

    It was fun making pasta.
    It took three minutes.
    It took longer on the vidio.

    by Ian

  2. Dear B4
    I Liked making pasta.
    I was glad that the pasta was vezetaren.
    Today i have a Indian rice racepe.
    I wish Mrs Wistrand make it.
    Your frind By Yaksh