Thursday, August 30, 2012

Feeding the Calves

We are a rural town and many of the B4 children live on farms or have experienced farm life.
Spring is in the air and calves are arriving. 
Calving is a busy time for families and 
many of the children help out. 
Feeding the calves has been a hot topic in class, and we hope you enjoy our stories.

Feeding the Calves. by B4

What season is it where you live?
Have you been around baby animals?


  1. Hi B4
    Our school is also in a rural area - we live in the North of England,and right now it is the end of our summer, so it is surprising for us to think of you on your farms with calves as we head into Autumn. A lot of children in our class live on farms too, and as well as cows & calves, there are lots of sheep and lambs. Do you have sheep and lambs too on your farms?
    Mrs M
    A Room with a View - Class 2

    1. Hi my name is Haylee. Today it is September 5th, 2012. In Colorado it is late summer, soon to be fall. I have never seen a calf up close. In Colorado we don't have many cows and calves, there are some here and there. The cows and calves in Colorado live in open space. The open space provides a lot of grass. Is it easy to take care of a calf?


  2. Hi Mrs. Monaghan's class
    My name is Nick. I live in the United States and my school has iPads. We are in the season of fall. We don't have any farms in our town, but we do have the Rocky Mountains. I hope you can reply.


    1. Dear Nick
      Hi my name Lukah and this is my friend Nikita and some people call me Nikki. B4 has Ipods but not ipads. The whole class is year 2. That is the same as grade 1. Me Lukah and Nikita are seven years old.Me and Nikita would like to know if you have a pool at school because our school does?
      What kind of mountains do you have?We have lots of mountains.
      Our school is Reefton Area School
      What is your school's name?

      Best wishes Lukah and Nikki.

  3. Hi B4. My school is south of Denver, Colorado . I have seen many baby animals. I used to live in Hawaii and at the zoo there was a petting zoo. There were baby animals. By the way I love the way that you made the book of all the stories. Is feeding cows fun ? Do you have other farm animals like horses?
    Dylan B.

  4. Hi B4!
    My name is Dylan and I am a student from Colorado. I live in a city which is different than your rural area. From what I've read, it sounds like an awesome place. I have a herd of cows that live in a field by my neighborhood. Horses live here too. Do you have cows and horses in New Zealand?

    1. Dear Dylan
      My name is Mason and Tarris. We do have cows and horses in New Zealand.
      Mason’s brother is called Dylan too.
      We are a year 2, like Grade 1.
      In Reefton we have about 900 people and about 200 people are in our school.
      We are 7.

      Mason and Tarris

  5. Hi B4,
    My name is Sydney, and I live in Highlands Ranch, Colorado, USA. I love to see little baby cows dancing around fields. Near where I live there is a big open space filled with weeds and coyotes and all sorts of things. For about six weeks in the summer, the open space becomes occupied with cattle. Calves and their moms roam the golden colored hills. The calves look so cute when they run playfully after a rabbit. Keep up all of the good work you are doing!
    Highlands Ranch

    1. Hi Sydney
      Our name is Olivia and Elizabeth . We like baby cows too.They are cute.We live in Reefton.
      We really like your good word choices in your comment.
      from Olivia and Elizabeth

  6. Hi B4,
    My school is in the US. We are in summer right now. Our favorite thing to do in school is probably learning on our iPad and P.E (physical eduction). We live in an urban area in Littleton, Colorado. We don't have any farms in our area but we do have the foothills and the Rocky Mountains. Do you have any mountains?

  7. Dear,
    I loved your pictures of the cows and you guys do a great job on your blog and I love it. I think the cow thing was so cool and it was cute. So I hope you keep writing stuff like that.