Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Best Way to Learn

What were we doing?
You could say we were learning to: work together; solve problems; share and take turns; test predictions; locate information; help each other; 
 but WE say we were just having FUN!

What kind of fun do you have at school?
What learning activities do you like at school?


  1. Hi this is Jack from Ms Schuster's class. One fun thing I am doing in class is Young Ameritowne. Young Ameritowne is a place we go to to learn about government. We get to run a town for a whole day. We have to learn how to run the town for 9 weeks first, but the work pays off. We are going to have a fun time.

  2. Hi B4!
    In school we have fun activities such as learning on the iPads. At my school every student uses iPads. I enjoy learning new things on the iPad. I like to create posters, write, and I like to read. Does your school have any unique things such as iPads?

    Jessica P.
    5th grade

  3. Dear B4,
    I have lots of fun in school. Some of the fun I have in school is playing math games, playing kickball at recess, and we have lots of fun specials. For example music, P.E, technology, and art. Some of the learning activities I like is learning on our iPads, and I like learning math.


  4. Dear B4,

    We have accomplished an activity called the handshake problem. It is where our class is divided into groups of three or four. Our teacher gave us a problem where everyone in our class has to shake everyone's hand. At first no one got the right answer, but we began to figure it out.

    From Eric in Ms. Schuster's class

  5. Hi!
    My name is Avery and I live in Colorado in the United States! One fun thing we do here at school is something called Young Ameritowne. Young Ameritowne is a place all fifth graders in our school go to on a field trip. What happens is we study having jobs, and on the field trip we get to experience it for real! Before the trip, we apply for a job and learn about what it's like to have one. We also use iPads as a learning tool which is really cool. The iPads allow us to play many educational games and have fun too! What's life like in New Zealand?

    Ms. Schuster's fifth grade class

  6. Hello B4,
    My name is Lauren from Ms.Schuster's class in 5th grade. I was wondering, when you feed the calves do they ever try to run away? I have not had any experience trying, so I love learning and looking at your class blog. I also love all of the pictures you have posted and your writing pieces. They were very interesting to look at. Well I hope you have a lot of fun on your blog!


  7. Hi B4,

    A fun thing we have at our school is the move-a-thon. This is where we raise money for our school and if we reach a certain amount of money we get to choose a funny thing for our principal to do. We do many subjects in school but my favorite is literacy. I like literacy because it includes reading and writing two of my favorite subjects. What is New Zealand like?

    Jessica Ms. Schuster

  8. Dear B4,
    Hi! My name is Hunter and I live in Colorado. I think learning how to dribble balls is really cool. At my school we have a unit in P.E. where we have to learn how to dribble balls. Then we take that skill and use it for basketball. Do you play basketball at your school? I hope you write back soon. Until then keep on learning how to dribble basketballs.


  9. Hi B4,
    I'm in the U. S. A and it's in the fall here, and my name is Carson. Also, I'm wondering if you guys made that. If you guys did that is pretty cool, kites seem hard to make. Keep up the fun projects!

    Carson in Ms. Schuster's class

  10. Hi, I'm Collin from Ms.Schuster's class. I like to play fun math games with my class.
    I like to play kickball at recess. I also like to read and draw. Do you like to read and


  11. Hello my name is Tyler and I live in Highlands Ranch, Colorado. The fun things that I do at the school is P.E, math and recess. In school P.E is my favorite special in school because we get a lot of exercise and stretches. Math is my favorite school subject because I am really good at it and I have a lot of experience. Then recess is a thing I just like to do to relax. It was very nice meeting you and I hope we can comment each other sometime.


  12. Dear B4,
    I LOVED your pictures of you guys having fun making kites and doing fun activities!
    In my school if we raise enough money for our move-a-thon then we get to choose something for our principals to do. Last year they dressed up as sumo wrestlers and wrestled each other, the year before that they dressed up as chickens and did the chicken dance on the roof, and the year before that we got to throw pies at them. Do you have a move-a-thon at your school?