Friday, August 3, 2012

Flying High

We've been playing around with kites as part of our 
Social Studies topic 'Flying High in Asia'.
This week we brought our own kites from home and worked together to put them together and to fly them.
As part of our topic we're going to be exploring 
kite festivals in Asia.

Louisa has written about flying her kite:
Have you ever been to a kite festival?
Have you flown a kite?
What shape was it?


  1. Dear B4

    I have flown a kite befoer and it was a plane shaped kite, it is so fun flying kites but when its windy you really got to hold onto the string! I remember one time I was flying a kite with my friend and it was really windy and I couldn't hold the handle and the kite flew away, but lucky it didn't go to far!

    Have you ever flew a kite when it has been really windy?

  2. Dear B4. Yes I remember making kites when I was a little girl growing up in Motueka. We used brown paper, thin cane and string. We put tags on the tail made from our Mum's pantyhose. It was so much fun. I like seeing the kites at the Nelson Kite Festival Ask Mrs McKenzie to go to google images of the Nelson kite festival and you will see all the colourfull kites that fill the sky. It is an exciting day.
    From Mrs Eden Room 14 Richmond School.

  3. Hi. We are Room 15, a Year 2 class at Glenview School in Hamilton. Jack thinks we should have a class kite festival. Did you make kites in your class or did you just bring your kites from home?

    1. Dear Room 15,
      Some of us brought kites . What will you do at the festival? Do you like kites?

      warm wishes
      Louisa and Neil and Marcus

  4. Dear Mrs. McKenzie and B4,

    I enjoyed the slideshow of you and your kites! It looked like you had a beautiful day for flying them.

    Every year my students and I make kites in class using the math that we have learned. It can be hard making a kite from scratch, but it is very exciting to see your creation fly!

    Here is a wiki that we are part of about kite traditions around the world:
    The entries from Pakistan and India explain a little bit about kite festivals in those Asian countries.

    Your blogging buddy,
    Mr. Salsich (Connecticut, USA)

    1. Dear Mr Salsich
      Thank you for the wonderful comment. we don't make kites in b4. What does it feel like when you fly a kite? in b4 we like to fly kites.

      your blogging buddies
      Jia Xuan and Emily

  5. Dear Mr Salsich
    I am Lukah and this is Zaria.
    Thank you for the comment.
    The kites were fun to fly.
    Some people bring kites from home.
    Some flew high and some didn’t.
    Thank you for the link to the kites.
    The people that bring kites are Mason and Lachy and Jordan.
    Lukah and Zaria didn’t bring any kites because we don`t have any kites.

    From Lukah♥ and Zaria♥

  6. Dear b4
    Nathan and Nikita have flown a kite before.
    It was very very exciting,when we were about to fly them.

    warm wishes
    Nikit♥ and Nathan