Saturday, August 3, 2013

Celebrating 125 Years of ...

This week our town celebrated the 125th anniversary of 
public electricity in our town.
Reefton was the first place in the southern hemisphere to get a public supply of electricity, 
which was quite an achievement for a small township in 1888!
Photo panel in Reefton iSite

This weekend we have enjoyed a winter's evening light festival with food, laser lights, music, a market day, a fireworks display; 
and a visit from the Minister of Energy, Simon Bridges.

Did you take part in the celebrations?
For our visitors, does your town have a claim to fame?


  1. DIER b4 I like the fireworks on Friday. They were like boom boom boom. Some fireworks at the end ones were higher .

    from Marcus

  2. DIER b4 i likt the fireworks on friday nite. And i hade a chocolate pancake i goballd it all up
    and i do not no wene i got there i think i got there at 7.

    your blogging buddy

  3. Dear B4
    When i went to the salabrasin of lit i played rugbe then i went to hotal Reefton.

    from Ricci

  4. dear B4
    I liked the fireworks. they went boom boom. the one at the end gave me a shoke. it made me jump a little. I liked the pretty colours. they where enormas. did you like the fireworks? I DID. crash boom bang. went the ather fireworks from jamie

  5. Dear b4
    I liked the fireworks it was amziy. I wotht the fireworks at hotal reefton.

    warm wishes

  6. Der b4
    I like the firewoks. Because there was a . smoke . I tide . To kat the smoke . It was fun.then i went home and.Went to bed.

    Warm wishes

  7. Dear B4
    The fireworks sound so cool from all the comments people have postied but the disappointing bit is I didn't get to see the fireworks because my mum had a meeting so I went to my nana's. There were four baby goats that just got born that day.

    warm wishes