Monday, February 10, 2014

Welcome to Our Quad-blogging Aotearoa Buddies!

In the past we have enjoyed quad-blogging 
Quad-blogging is an idea thought up by Mr. Mitchell, a teacher in the UK.
This year, we are going to enjoy meeting and blogging with three other classes right here in Aotearoa! 
(Aotearoa is the Maori name for New Zealand).
Quad-blogging Aotearoa

Each week one of the class blogs will be the focus blog, 
and the other classes will visit and leave comments. 
After four weeks, each class will have had a turn at being the host blog.
Our buddies this year are at
Clyde School (point B) 
Broadlands School (point C)
and Eastern Hutt School (point D).

This week our class is the first host class.
We can't wait to meet our new friends!

Do you know:
We are a class of 27 Year 2/3 students, aged 5, 6, and 7.
There are 14 girls and 13 boys.
We have 13 Year 3s and 14 Year 2s.
Sixteen of us were in B4 last year too!
We have two teachers during the day, Mrs. McKenzie and Mrs. Wistrand.

Our school is an Area school, which means we have students aged from 5 years old up to 18 years old! 
Some live in town and some live on farms and come to school on the school bus.
Our town has about 900 people living in it.

We hope you enjoy our earlier posts from this year.
 In this one you can tell us what 
this one is great for learning to tie your shoelaces!


  1. We are very interested in your school being an area school. We have year 0-6 students at Eastern Hutt School. By the end of the year we have over 700 students. E7 (one of your Quadblogging buddies) is a year 0 class and we will have 18 students by the end of this week ... 7 girls, 11 boys. All have just recently turned 5. Half-way through this year we become year 1's. Our teacher is Mrs Pescini. Most of the children in our class come to school by car or walking. We look forward to blogging with you this year.

    1. Dear E7
      We are excited that you were our first quad-buddies to comment!
      We have about 220 students in our school. Your school population is only a little smaller than our whole town!

      We are looking forward to starting swimming.
      Do you have a school swimming pool?

      warm wishes
      Mrs McKenzie and B4

    2. Hi. Yes we do have a school swimming pool. It is outdoors and it is supposed to be heated but it has been really cold to swim in! It was warm enough last week though so we got in. Here is our blog post about it:

  2. Hi there B4 buddies,
    We watched your voice thread about your school and we had these questions;
    I would like to know your names...
    How old are you?
    Why do you have a couch?

    And tell you these wonderful things about us;

    "Thank you for recording that for us".
    We are in New Zealand too, we are kiwis."
    "We like your classroom."

    In Room 4 at Broadlands School we have 16 five year olds, their names are Emma, McKenzie, Brooke, Caleb, David, Jess, Jessica, Riley and a Rielly!, James, Jackie, Terrance, Joshua, Denzel, Hannah and Jayden. Our Teachers are Ms Van der Spuy and Whaea Janine each day... we all didn't know where Reefton was ;)

    1. Dear Room 4
      We are glad you liked our Voicethread. It was made some kids in B4 in 2010.
      In our class this year we have: Lily, Ryan, Henare, Joshua, Bradley, Ngahere, Charlee, Chelsea, Michelle, Liv, Samuel, Braedyn, Reagan, Jamie, Aubrey, Anika, Emmalia, Skye, Devontay, Ashantay, Bobby, Jaxson, Korbyn, Ethan, Flynn, Ben and Caleb.

      We like having a couch because we can sit on it and read at Daily 5 time and lunch time and playtime. We sometimes use our technology there too.

      your blogging buddies

  3. Hi B4
    What awesome pictures you drew about your holiday learning. We watched your shoe lace clip. It looks tricky. It took Mrs Kitto 3 time before she could do it! How many people in your class can tie their shoe laces this way?
    From Room 6 Clyde School

    1. We watched it too but it is pretty tricky. One of our students called it the 'Magic Laces Video'! You are all very clever :)
      From E7, Eastern Hutt School