Friday, February 21, 2014

Who Am I?

We've been writing physical descriptions of ourselves.
(A physical description tells what we look like.)
We've been working on using both long and short sentences in our writing. 
We know that we can join two simple sentences by using a conjunction to form a longer sentence.
Conjunctions are joining words such as 'for', 'and', 'nor', 'so', 'but', 'or', and 'yet'.

Can you match our photos to our descriptions?
Each photo has a letter name.
Leave us a comment telling us which letter matches with which numbered description!


  1. Hi B4,

    What a fun way to introduce yourselves! I enjoyed reading your descriptions. You did a marvelous job! I like seeing so many of your gap tooth grins, too. :)

    Our class is getting ready to begin the Student Blogging Challenge. We are thinking about what we'd like to tell others while remembering our Internet Safety. Our 5th grade class hasn't had any interactions with other classroom bloggers yet, so they are curious about what it will be like.

    Keep up the wonderful writing,
    Mrs. Moore
    Techie Kids
    Michigan, USA

    1. Dear Mrs Moore
      It's so nice to have you visit again!
      We're not taking part int he blogging challenge, but I'm sure your 5th graders will love it. Blogging sure is a great way to learn about cybersafety and how to be a connected learner.

      All the best
      Mrs McKenzie

    2. Thanks for your reply, Mrs. McKenzie. :)

      We will be checking in with you, as a class, to see what you are up to.

      Have a wonderful day!
      Mrs. Moore