Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Jumping High

We had a lot of fun at our athletic sports, 
competing in Run, Jump and Throw events.
One of the most keenly contested events was the high-jump.

What type of athletics event do you like best - run, jump or throw?


  1. HI Quadblogging buddies
    It looks like your athletic sports was fun. Coco likes high jump too. Hannah, Niko and Andrew like long jump the best. Most of the people in our class like sprinting. We don't have our athletic sports until the end of the year. Do you do hurdles too? What did you enjoy the most?
    from room 6 Clyde School

  2. dear b4

    It looks likes B4 did a god gob at the jumping high. You did an awesome job at athletic. What do you like to do at sports.

    from Samuel