Friday, March 14, 2014

Our Place, Our River

A river runs through our town.
It is called the Inangahua River.
Our river is a special place, and we are finding out that people use it in many ways.

To get ready for our river topic, we visited the river and used our senses to explore our surroundings.
The first stop though, was the art gallery, to view some river paintings by a local artist.
(We didn't photograph the artworks due to copyright.)

When we walked to the swing bridge, we used the right-hand side of the road, facing the on-coming traffic. 
Look how we are walking in single-file, keeping well off the road!

We walked over the bouncy swing bridge.
Unfortunately, there was a wasp nest by that part of the river, so back we went to a safer area.

At the riverside we SAW water creatures, we HEARD the river rushing over the stones, we FELT the cold water and the hard rocks and we SMELLED the country air.
Did we TASTE anything?
Bobby found a minuscule fish.

A water spider

What is your favourite water activity?
Can you suggest some ways people use the river to make their living?


  1. My favourite water activity would be walking along a nice river bank and enjoying the view and the atmosphere. We have some nice rivers here in South Taranaki and our favourite one to visit is one that joins the sea at a local beach. Sometimes when we go there there are not anyone else around so we like the solitude. Tourism is the way that someone can make money from a river.
    Mr Webb and Room One, Auroa Primary School, Auroa, Taranaki

  2. Dear B4 I like to swim, splash in the rock pools,and play on the rocks.It is fun at the Inangahua river, isin't it. sincerely Lily.

  3. Dear b4
    I love playing down by the river. I like skipping rocks across the river.
    Wot is your favourite thing to do by the river?

    your blogging buddy Caleb.

  4. Hi B4

    I really loved your story about our place, our river because you had really interesting words and names like example Inangahua River. Well, I go Isleworth School and I am in Room 3 and we don’t usually talk about our place, our river. I also want to say have a good week and thank you for sharing.

    From: Hifo

  5. Dear b4
    I liked it when we went down to the river because b4 found two huge sipides.

    from caleb

  6. Dear b4
    wene we went to the river it was cool i loved the part wene we went to the art gallary the panting were wanderful it was fun wats your fuvorit thing to do at the river ?

    by Devontay

  7. Dear B4
    On the bridge it was gross because there was dog poo. We did not see any fish in the river. If we go back next time, we might see some fish.

    from Marshall