Monday, March 24, 2014

Learning to Spell with Chunks

We're trying out a new spelling system in B4 this year, 
called Chunk Spelling.
Mrs McK read about it in this blog post.
Each Friday we use our consonant charts and our blend & digraph charts to brainstorm words for 
the next week's new chunk.
Then we brainstorm big words with the chunk in them too.

Finally, we choose words for our spelling notebooks, to practice at home and at reading time during Daily 5.
Everyone is being challenged at just the right level for them!

What do you do to learn new words?
Can you suggest some more big words with the -at chunk in them?

Watch this video to learn about digraphs:


  1. dear b4
    I like the digraph song it is handy. I just can,t stop thiking about it. when i celen up it just in my head. when I,m on the cumputer i listin to it

  2. dear b4
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    By Devontay and Ashantay