Thursday, September 4, 2014

Discovery Time

A few weeks ago we 
read a post by our blogging buddies, E7,about their Discovery Time.
The B4 students were quite taken with this idea. 
On their own initiative, they wrote some persuasive letters and the result is 
we now have Discovery Time in B4!
It's a great time to practise our Key Competencies - 
Managing Self
Relating to Others
Using Language, Symbols and Text
Participating and Contributing.

What do you love about Discovery Time?
What new activities could we try?


  1. Dear b4
    I love Discovery Time. It is fun doing leaf rubbing.
    Do you love Discovery Time?

    Sincerely Caleb

  2. How wonderful that we've inspired you! We love discovery time too. All our year 0 and 1 classes do it at the same time in the middle block on Fridays. You can read more on our Junior Discovery Blog:
    Yay B4 :)
    From Mrs P and E7 at Eastern Hutt

    1. Dear E7
      Thank you for your comment.
      We love discovery time!
      We play Shops we all like shops.

      From Caleb