Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Big Slurp

We are lucky to be part of the Milk in Schools programme, and we enjoy our cartons of milk each day after lunch break.
Today we took part in 
'The Big Slurp', 
for World Milk Day.

Did your class take part in 'The Big Slurp'?


  1. Dear b4
    We made makes for the big milk slurp.
    We were cows moo moo.
    what is your favourite part.
    I think that we had to slurp.

    From Caleb

    1. Dear caleb
      I think everyone did a great job of theIr cows toOo I really like Aubrey’s Jamie’s and Anika’s. All of them look pretty. Lily did a good job too. I also like mine. I only just finished. Everyone did a good job

      by Reagan

  2. Dear B4
    I liked the big slurp!
    It was hard puting the mask on and getting the milk straw into my mouth.
    My favourite part was getting the photo taken.
    Did you like it when you got the photo taken?
    I hope we can do the big slurp again!
    I wish we could wear a cow suit and mask, and we would look like cows drinking milk.
    I love milk because it is healthy
    From Jamie

  3. Dare B4
    I think your masks look funny, especially Caleb because I don't know what it even looks like. I think we all did good!
    bye for now,
    from Ben.

  4. Dear B4
    I forgot my mask yesterday.I am taking it home today.

    from Blake

  5. Dear B4
    I liked the slurp.
    Because we got to coour in the mask.

    from Charlee