Thursday, March 24, 2011

A new dental clinic

The dental nurse Ann, and her assistant Alayne, 
are here for the next few weeks and they have a new clinic.
Instead of visiting them in the old dental clinic building 
we get to go into the new trailer unit.

Spike, Jonathon, Ganda and Lily went for a visit and took these photos.

Do dental nurses come to your school?
How do you take care of your teeth?
Do you have any wobbly teeth at the moment?


  1. I like the new dental nurses truck because we can spy on it. Lots of people go there but not me. You need to eat about five fruit and vegetables a day.

  2. We have a new dental nurse. It is better than old dental clinic. and I like too. Because we can get a sticker

    from GANDA

  3. We did post cards.
    I did a kar. because I like kars.
    Do you like kars too?

    from Ganda