Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Our Flat Stanley diaries

Our Flat Stanley project with 2KM and 2KJ is nearing an end. 
Tomorrow we are making the final entries in the diaries and then the Australian 
flat people will fly off home.
They have had a busy time while they were here. 
We took them for a walk around town and took lots of photos. 

Our flat friends came to the lunchtime disco last week, 
they took part in athletics day and 
they spent some time at our homes.
Some have been swimming, milking cows and horse-riding. 

Take a sneak peek at our diaries!
Our Flat Stanley diaries
What was your favourite activity with your flat person?


  1. Dear B4,

    It looks like our flat people are having a lot of fun in NZ. I bet they don't want to come home!

    It was great to take a sneak peak of the diaries. The students in 2KM and 2KJ are going to be very excited to receive these!

    Please wish our flat people happy travels and we will see them soon!

    Best wishes,
    Mrs M☀rris

  2. Hi Mrs McKenzie and B4,
    Your visiting Flat Stanley's sure have had an amazing time! They have been so busy with you in New Zealand that we bet they will sleep all the whole way home to 2KJ and 2KM. We think that diaries are a great way of remembering special times - especially when you include such interesting drawings and pictures. When Ruckus goes home to visit the children each night they always write in his journal for him. It is so much fun to look through it and see what sort of adventures he has had. Can you tell us: What is the best thing to do with a Flat Stanley?
    From your buddies,
    Ms Dowling and K/1D

  3. Dear Mrs McKenzie and B4,

    Wow, I really loved reading this post. It was wonderful to have a glimpse of the Flat Stanley diaries. I look forward to reading them all when they arrive back in Leopold!

    The students in 2KJ and 2KM will love seeing this post at school tomorrow, they have been talking about their flat people and wondering about their adventures.

    Thanks for taking such good care of the 2KJ and 2KM flat people! :)

    Your friend,
    Miss Jordan

  4. Dear Ms Dowling and K/1D
    Here are the best things to do with a Flat Stanley:

    Dylan decided it is exploring the garden.
    Jack said it was going on a motorbike.
    Sam said - ride the horse.
    Jonathon said it would be taking them down the hydoslide!
    Ganda said, "Read a book."
    Nathan said the best thing is going to the skatepark.
    Joberth said, "Visit Christchurch."
    Stevie said, "Taking the Flat Stanley to Greymouth."

    We decided that all of these ideas meant we were actually spending time and hanging out together!

    Will you ever do a Flat Stanley project?

    from B4

  5. Dear 2kM and 2kJ
    I wish I could skype with you.

    from Lily