Saturday, November 6, 2010

Guy Fawkes

Last night was Guy Fawkes night. This is a celebration that comes from Britain.

Did you have some fireworks? 
Did you have them at home or at a public display?

What other events do people around the world use fireworks to celebrate with?


  1. Hello this isDylan and Masons cousin my school also has a blog if yourd like to cheak it out ""

  2. I did not have any last night .

  3. Hello B4
    Our class was very excited about Guy Fawkes night. We came up with some very important safety rules that we published on our blog if you want to come and have a look. Many of us were using fireworks to celebrate Diwali - the Indian Festival of Lights!

  4. I had fireworks at my house. They were in the feild .

  5. In the weekend I am going to go to my nana and pops for fire works.I will bring my moterbike.

  6. Hi Mrs McKenzie and B4,
    It sounds like you all had a lot of fun for Guy Fawkes night.

    Here in Australia, we don't celebrate Guy Fawkes.
    For most areas in Australia it is illegal to have fireworks unless they are conducted by a special person. We can't go and buy fireworks in a shop etc.

    Many towns have fireworks for New Year and Australia Day which is on January 26th.

    Do you have fireworks at any other times of the year?

    from Mrs W and P-2

  7. Mrs McKenzie and class B4November 10, 2010 at 9:38 PM

    Hello Mrs W and P-2
    I guess in Australia you have to be careful not to set off bush fires.

    In New Zealand we are only allowed to buy fireworks in the week leading up to Guy Fawkes, and I think you have to be over 18. Fireworks can't be sold after the day, but a lot of people save their fireworks for New Year or other special occasions.

    Lots of places run public displays for Guy Fawkes which is a good idea.

    I like all of the Christmas things you are making!

    from Mrs M♔Kenzie

  8. We celebrate Canada's Birthday on July 1 with FIREWORKS!