Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Talking with old friends

Today we had our second Skype session with Mrs Watson and her 2/3 class in Canada. We first Skyped with them in June, so it was so good to catch up with our old friends.

It was 9.30 on Wednesday morning for us, and 1.30 on Tuesday afternoon in Canada!

Today's session was mainly about pets. We didn't have our pets at school today, but in Canada Anna brought her chicken, Jordan brought her lizard and Silkence brought her Maltese dog called Biscuit.

Oceana told us about her 3 dogs called Ruger, Precious and Duke.
Mrs Watson told us that it is an amazing sight when Oceana takes all the dogs for a walk together!

Sophie also told us about her dog Lady. Lady is a cockapoo. Do you know what that is?
Fay doesn't have a pet, so he had drawn a picture of spiders.
Niall showed us a picture of his pet cat. Is it called Gallah, Niall?

From B4, Jack told the grade 2/3s about his guinea pig called Manny. No one there had a guinea pig although someone had a hamster.
Paige, Emily and Jonathon talked about their cats and Liam talked about his calf called Sushi.
JiaJIa said that if she had a pet she would like to have a monkey, because it's cheeky!
                                        ☆         ☆        ☆        ☆
Then the Grade 2/3s told us about Halloween. They did lots of activities at school last Friday to celebrate, and lots of them went trick or treating over the weekend.
We asked what tricks they might do if there were no treats, but no one knew because they always get lots of treats!

We told them that we will have fireworks for Guy Fawkes on Friday night. Everyone said that they like Sparklers!

We had a great Skype session.
Thank you Mrs Watson and the 2/3s.

Do you have any more questions?
If you didn't get a turn, what was it that you wanted to say?


  1. Monkeys are cheeky like my little sister

  2. That was fun talking with you .