Saturday, November 27, 2010

Hot November

Today in Reefton the temperature was 31 degrees C (87F), 
and although the West Coast is renown for the rain, 
this month we haven't had much 
and everything is getting very dry!

It was HOT, HOT, HOT!

One of our teachers, Tony Fortune, monitors the weather station in Reefton.
It was the hottest November day 
since he started keeping records 
in 1964.

What did you do today?
How did you keep cool?


  1. Today it was hot and I went on the farm and then I went to the pool.

  2. Dear Mrs McKenzie and B4,

    Wow that sounds like a hot day! I hope you all kept cool.

    Here in Geelong, Victoria, Australia we have had some strange weather. Sometimes it is very cold and sometimes it is very warm! There has been a lot of rain lately too.

    I am hoping the weather will be nice next Saturday for my wedding day!

    Luckily we all have air con in our classrooms here at Leopold PS. When it gets really hot, like over 35 degrees, we can't go outside to play.

    Do you have air con at your school?

    Do you have a beach or pool nearby?

    Your friend,
    Miss McGeady

  3. Hello, I'm Mrs. G. from the United States. I teach my three children at home. We live on the East Coast in Massachusetts and it is getting colder. It is 1.6 degrees C (35F). The leaves are still falling off of the trees and we will most likely get snow next month. I think your blog is excellent! We just started our blog and are in the process of learning how to connect with other classrooms around the world.

  4. Thank you very much for commenting on our blog! Its especially exciting to get comments from the other side of the world :)
    Wow - 31 degrees sounds very hot! If it gets to 20 degrees where we live it seems a very hot day! We are the most northerly part of the UK but being an island means we don't get great extremes of temperature - we get very strong winds though.
    If you get such hot days in the summer do you get very cold weather in the winter?
    I think my class will be making snowmen and sledging today as we have had more snow this weekend. I wonder what you are doing to keep cool whilst the children here are putting on their snow suits to keep warm and dry?

  5. Dear Miss McGeady (for 5 more days!)

    Air conditioning would be lovely to have in the classrooms!
    We just have to open all of the windows and doors. Usually it's only a problem in February.

    We have got the school pool up and running , but it's not heated so it's a little cold for the younger children. I think we might be tempted this week though.

    Congratulations and best wishes for Saturday.

    from Mrs M♔K

  6. I like your pudding that you made it is very very cool. and I like your pictures that you put on mrs mckenzie.

  7. I have a new car.

  8. Hi Mrs Mckenzie thank you for Commenting on our Creation Story on our blog. We have had 5 Comments So far, so we are waiting for more good feedback.

    Thanks, Chase Melville Intermediate Hamilton New Zealand

  9. Hi Mrs McKenzie & Class B4,

    My name is Tina McAvoy and I am School Secretary at Innerwick Primary School in East Lothian, Scotland. You have all kindly been adding comments to our school website, so I thought that I would add to yours!

    The whole of the UK is currently suffering from severe cold weather, particularly snow and low, low temperatures. The worst affected parts of the country are Scotland and North East England, however, today there is also snow in London and South West England today (which is normally the hottest part of the whole country).

    The school at Innerwick can be quite cold at times, especially when it is windy, as we look out over the North Sea, but at the moment, none of the pupils are at school as all of the East Lothian schools are closed.

    Anyway, I live in a small village 25 miles West of Innerwick, more inland and away from the coast, and yesterday morning at 8.30am the temperature outside was -8 degrees. It is COLD!!!!!! - look at up on your thermometer and see if you can work out how much warmer it is where you are! I know where I would prefer to be right now.

    Tina McAvoy