Sunday, February 27, 2011

Our Flat Stanley project

During the summer holidays B4 and B3 were invited to join a Flat Stanley project by
 Miss Jordan and Mrs Morris from 2KM and 2KJ in Australia.

We were excited to join as late last year 
we had read 'Flat Stanley' which was written by Jeff Brown in 1964.
 Stanley Lambchop is a boy who was flattened, but not hurt, by his bulletin board one night.
Stanley then has a lot of fun adventures.

We kicked off the project by skyping with 2KM and 2KJ two weeks ago. 
Last week all of the students made their own Flat Stanleys, which they have named after themselves, and have written an introduction about themselves.
We shared our Flat Stanleys at assembly on Friday.
The Flat Stanleys are now in the mail to Australia and 2KM/2KJ's are on the way to us.
We will look after them for a week and keep diaries 
about the adventures they have, before the Flat Stanleys return home.

Have you ever looked after a Flat Stanley?
What adventures did you have together?


  1. Hello Mrs McKenzie and B4,
    Flat Stanley got us started with blogging last year. For many years we used to send Flat Stanley around the world by 'snail mail'. Last year he went all around the world in a day. It was amazing and showed teachers, parents and boys and girls how communication has changed with the internet. We really are a global village.
    Thinking of New Zealand as you all cope with the Earthquake.
    Our city Geelong is hosting an Air Show this week.
    From Mrs Lynch and MLY

  2. Dear Mrs McKenzie and B4,

    I am so excited about the Flat Stanley project we are doing together! Our flat people are on their way to you right now. They were very excited when I put them in the post box! I wonder if our flat people will cross paths with your flat people on their journey!

    I am looking forward to meeting your flat people soon and we promise to take very good care of them while they visit us here in Australia.

    Looking forward to the adventure beginning!

    Your friend and Flat Stanley fan,
    Miss Jordan

  3. Dear B4 and B3,

    We are so excited to be exchanging Flat Stanleys with you!

    2KM and 2KJ worked very hard on their Stanleys and I think you're going to like having them for a visit.

    We can't wait to get your Stanleys in the mail and start showing them around Australia.

    We'll be sure to let you know when the package arrives!

    Your quad blogging buddy,
    Mrs M☀rris

  4. Dear Mrs lynch and MLY
    It was nice to hear from you about your Flat Stanley projects. Our blogs are great fun, and we are finding that 'snail mail' still has a place in the world too.
    How did Flat Stanley travel the world in one day? Did you email him or fax him?
    I hope the year has started well for you.

    from Mrs McKenzie and B4

  5. on the 6 of Desember it will be Mum's Birthday
    Then we will play game's
    it is fun and we will do same gift I will give
    Mum fiotoe's and she like it and a Birthday card
    and Dad will give her same jorley's and Tristan
    will mike a pithr tree

    By Ganda

  6. Dear Mrs. McKenzie and B4,

    We did a lesson on Flat Stanley also in second grade. We also made a project like you did, and we first made a little tiny person out of paper. Then we tried to make a portrait of ourselves. Next, we put it in an envelope, and mailed it in the mailbox with a note to a friend or relative inside of the envelope.

    By the way, this is Miriam and Adia in Mrs. Yollis' third grade class. We both have our own blogs. If you want to check them out, under Mrs. Yollis' student blog list, Adia's blog's name is Adia's Babble Blog, and Miriam's is Miriam's Magical Moments. Or, you can just type in, and Miriam's URL is

    Hope to comment to you soon!

    Miriam and Adia
    Mrs. Yollis' students

    (P.S. We just read your post about the Quad Blogging, and we are sure you will get 900 comments because we are now one of the commenters for that goal and because you are very persistent.)

  7. Hello B4

    I think its cool that my Flat Bradley is going to visit you in New Zealand. I hope he has fun.

    2KM and 2KJ
    Mrs Morris' student

  8. @ Mrs McKenzie B4 and B3,

    We can't wait until we the Flat B4 and

    We hope you get 900 comments or more.

    Do you have any horses and cows in New Zealand?

    When you felt the ground shake was it scary? We thought it would be scary!

    We think your class mascot should be Freddie or Keri.

    We love being blogging buddies with you.

    warm wishes,
    Jordi and Ava (2KM at Leopold Primary School)

  9. Dear B4,

    I'm enjoy doing the Flat Stanley project with you. What do you enjoy about the project?

    I really like your class blog. I hope you get up to 900 comments.

    Your Blogging Buddy,
    Mikayla(from 2KM in Australia)

  10. Dear B4,

    I like your videos. I have all of the Flat Stanley books. They are great I am up to series three.

    Conner in 2KJ.

  11. Dear B4,

    I really like the Flat Stanley project , I wonder what our Flat Paris and Georgia will get up to. I wonder what your flat people get up to. I liked the Flat Stanley books a lot.

    Warm wishes ,
    Paris and Georgia.♥

  12. Dear B4,

    My name is Jarrod.

    How's life over there?

    Up here life is really good.

    What do you think of the Flat Stanley project.

    Jarrod and Amelie (2KM)