Friday, May 6, 2011

Listening to Messages

Did you manage to figure out the message we received?
This is what we think we heard:

A second message has arrived.
We listened and heard:

This is what we think it said:
We think the 'alien' is telling us some information about itself.
We drew what we think the 'alien' looks like:

We wonder what will happen next week!

P.S. We know that the alien is not real!
We have talked about 'suspending our belief'' and pretending that there is an alien on the moon trying to get home.


  1. Dear B4,

    Nice post!

    I think that the weird voice was super strange. I think that the first message that you got said, "Crashed ship on Earth. Stuck on Moon. Need information. I am..... Stuck on moon. Crashed ship. Losing communication. Help!"

    I also think that the second message said, "I am very smart. See well. Make things." since the second message was easier to hear, I think that maybe the thing is getting closer to earth. Maybe it has an extra ship, and it is repairing it. Hmm.... I am not sure.

    Happy Blogging!

    Margot* :lol:

  2. Dear Margot
    You have got great ears, because the message was hard to decipher!
    All the messages certainly have us thinking hard!

    from B4

  3. Dear B4,
    It sounds like a recording messege that a person made and they tried to sound like an alien and I think it said "help help I am smart but I am stuck on Earth help"
    Sophie (in mrs.Watsons2/3 class)
    P.s It freeks me out.