Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Parcel from Miss Esnouf

We received a lovely surprise parcel in the mail from Miss Esnouf, who worked in B4 
during Term 1.
Now she lives back in Australia.
We love all the special treats. Thank you Miss Esnouf.

Before she left, Miss Esnouf tried to convert the B4 children from supporting the 
New Zealand All Blacks rugby team 
to supporting the 
Australian Wallabies rugby team.
Sorry Miss Esnouf, we don't think it worked!
We will be cheering for the All Blacks 
in the Rugby World Cup 
which is being held in New Zealand from 
September 9-October 23.


  1. Hello B4,

    How exciting to receive a parcel in the mail! I do not know much about Rugby. It is very exciting to get to see a athletic event like the World Cup. In BC we had the 2010 Winter Olympics hosted in Vancouver. It was a very exciting time.
    My class would love to learn more about Rugby. Maybe when we go back to school in September you could teach us about Rugby? Do you think you could do that? Good luck to the All Blacks!
    Take care,
    Mrs Soltau-Heller

  2. Dear Miss Esnouf

    thank you for the parcel we really enjoyed the parcel you gave us. I wish you come back coz we really miss you. I really enjoy the pencil

    your :) from Ganda

  3. dear B4

    do you get to see miss esnouf?
    i ghope you get to see here soon but do yo mis her a lot?

    from sean