Sunday, August 28, 2011

What Fraction is My Share?

We shared some wafer biscuits. 
Lily and Mrs McKenzie shared one and got 1/2 each.
Ganda, Tyla and Stevie shared one and got 1/3 each.
Paige, Jonathon, Spike and Holly shared one and got 1/4 each.
Jack, Liam, Jordan, Dylan and Nathan shared one and got 1/5 each.
The consternation grew as Kayden, Kaeleb, Nikki, Sam, Teagan, Neil, Matthew and Lukah shared one and saw how small their 1/8 share would be!

Now we're sure we can order fraction numbers from smallest to biggest!

How would you share 3 wafers between 4 people?


  1. Dear B4,

    What a delicious lesson! And how kind of all of you to share. I think I'd have trouble sharing mine! If I had a choice, I would want 1/2 because that is the largest piece! It looks like 1/8 is a very small piece.

    If I had 3 wafers for 4 people, I would split each one up into 4 pieces. That would be 12 total pieces. I'd give each person 3 pieces. 3 x 4 = 12! Then, we'd probably all want more wafers!

    Mr. Avery
    Mr. Avery's Class Blog

  2. Dear Mrs Yollis
    I like your class room Mrs Yollis.
    We hope we Skype with you.

    by Jonathon

  3. Dear B4
    If I had 3 wafers for 4 people I would give 3 wafers to 3 people then cut the
    last bit in to 3 pieces .
    How would you share 3 wafers between 2 people?

    from Jack

  4. Dear B4 I would share them in to quarters.
    I have six wafer buscuits and five people. How mach would they get? from Nathan

  5. Dear b4,
    Three people share four wafers, they all get one whole and one third.
    Five people share six wafers how many do they get?

    by Liam

  6. Dear b4.
    Three people share four wafers. They all get three qauters.
    Five people share ten biscits?

    Dear b4,
    Three people share four wafers. They get one and a third .
    Five people share ten wafers?


  7. Dear b4
    Last week we did fractions with vanilla biscuits. When we were finished we got to eat them.
    They were yum. Then the next week we did it with Pebbles.

    from Tyl☆