Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Calendar Art

Our art (and writing) this term has been
In our final art project we used all of the 
texture and colour-making  techniques that we've been practicing 
for our calendar-art pictures.
Our parents will be able to buy the calendars next term.

Animal Art  -Inspired by Eric Carle

Check out our other projects here.

What animal would you have chosen to make?
How many wild animals and how many tame animals can you count in our pictures?
B4 children - can you explain how you made your textured paper?


  1. great artwork and pressented brilliantly! They will look awesome as calendars!

  2. Dear B4
    I thingk the Eric Carle pichers are so cowl i cant wayt until we get them mayd into kalindis

    By Liam

  3. Dear b4 I rekin that Eric Carle is a very lake porsin . I like his store's and his picis and heps of people like his stor's he is a grat riting. from Nathan

  4. Dear b4

    Quicksilver is b4's friend and we like to play with him b4


    by Jonathon

  5. Dear B4.
    Your picher’s look awsome.
    The bat’s look real.
    The garuf’s look realy tall .
    The cat look cut .
    The lion’s look scary.
    The turtel look great.
    The crocidil ’s look cool.
    The leped’s look fast.
    The dolfin’s look like it’s in the water.
    The horses look fast as well.
    From Dylan.

  6. Dear B4
    i like the art we did. I wonder if will get to do same more art? My picture is a crocodile. I made two crocodiles.
    What did you make? I wonder what you made?

    By Liam