Thursday, September 15, 2011

What if ...... ?


  1. They would definatly need to change the colour of the ball, the ball would need to be orange or a colour that would stand out. Yesterday I went to the Wales and Samoa game here in Hamilton, there was lots of people dressed up and singing, I didn't really support either team but I felt excited to be there and be part of the action.

    Mrs McKenzie thanks for your comment about the market day at our school. Our students raise the money because the Y8 students have a fun day and School Ball to finish off the year and it goes to help with decorations and keeping the cost down for all students. We were able to raise nearly $2,000 for the School with our day so we were all very pleased.

    Mr Webb and Room Eight, Melville Intermediate School, Hamilton, Waikato.

  2. Dear B4 I rekin that if the ruggb wod cape was in Antka people will get cold and they cod diye . and people code slepe over and hort thare sath I recn it will not be a god ider and peigwin’s can get in the waue of the game and they can trep over the peigwin and it will be anuing I wadt do it wade you . from nathan

  3. Dear b4
    Quicksilver is staying here all the time and we love him and his stays here.

    by jon♔thon.