Thursday, September 1, 2011

Read to Someone ... in Australia!

One of the choices we have each day in our reading programme is 'Read to Someone'.
It is always a popular choice.
Students usually sit side-by-side and can either take turns reading pages of the same book, or take turns to read pages from their own books.
At the end of each page they check for understanding - who the page was about and what happened.

Today Jack and Nikki read to Georgia and Tessa  - at 
Harston School in Victoria, Australia!
Now everyone else is looking forward to their turn!

How does reading to someone help us to become better readers?
What book are you reading at the moment?


  1. Dear B4
    Wow Nikki is good at READ TO SOMEONE. WOW .She is the best reader I have ever seen.I have been reading Penny the pony fairy and it is about a pony smaller than a Dandeloin
    Regards &#9731’aige

  2. Dear Jack Was it fun reading to someone ? When it’s my turn I am going to read a book about tigers.

    from Nathan

  3. This is a great idea! We have used Skype to learn from our friends in Australia and we have also had skype-sing-alongs. It must be so much fun reading with a friend in another country :)

  4. Dear b4

    I wish I could have a turn to read to someone ... but I will get a turn one day

    warm wishes from Ga♔da