Friday, September 23, 2011

Welcome Back, Mr Salsich and Grade 3

We are quad-blogging buddies with 
in Connecticut, on the east coast of America.

They have recently started a new school year after their summer holiday break.
Why don't you head on over to their blog and 
introduce yourself. 
Don't forget to say where you are from, and make sure you leave a quality comment.
While you are there you can meet Juan Pablo the tree frog, and Peresozo the sloth.


  1. Love you QR code messages. Go the mighty All Blacks.

  2. Dear Mr. Salsich and Grade 3

    WELCOME BACK! I hope you had fun what did you do on the holidays? Did you know that we hadn't had
    our holidays yet because it is on October.

    your blogging buddy G&hart;nda

  3. Dear Ganda
    Well done for making such a friendly and kind comment to Mr Salsich and his class.
    I copied and pasted your comment on to Mr Salsich's blog so that his class will all see it.

    Do you see why your ♥ didn't work out?

    from Mrs McKenzie

  4. Dear b4 I found boots in my bed room bhid The door my

    mum hlpet me.

    from nikki And Sam

  5. Dear b4
    I don't know school is never going to end here for the holidays. b4 i don't know b4.

    by Jonathon.

  6. Dear B4
    i think the membile day writings are magnificent. Have you ever been to America because that is what my memorable day was and I got to go to Disneyland too. What is your memorable day I wonder? Is it cool?

    By Liam

  7. Hello from San Antonio, Texas! I really enjoyed looking at your blog and the QR message is such a fun idea! My students have been viewing class blogs from around the world, since we are new to blogging and want to learn from others, like you! I have different students (ages 5-11 years) in my classroom throughout the week, but we're all posting to the same blog. My students did a QR code activity you might like to read about! I do have one question. How did you find your quad blogging buddies? Thank you for sharing your learning!

  8. Dear Mrs. McKenzie,
    Thank you for visiting our blog in Texas and sending the information about quad blogging! We have signed up! We'd love to do a postcard exchange, too. That was a great idea!