Sunday, September 4, 2011

'The Fast Flying Morepork' and other Stories

We chose an animal, thought about what it could do, and wrote about it making sure that we included some adjectives.
(We know that adjectives add interest to our writing, they add colour, and they make our writing sparkle!)
We think we did a pretty good job.
'The Fast, Flying Morepork' and other stories on PhotoPeach

Have a go.
Choose an animal, make it do something, and write!


  1. Hi B4,
    It was great to read all your fabulous writing. You certainly did a good job of using adjectives.
    My favourite adjective was by the person who described the colour of the horse as chestnut. The reason I liked this was because they could have chosen brown but the word chestnut is a lot more precise and is a more unusual and therefore interesting word than brown.
    Keep up the fab work everyone.

  2. Dear Mrs McKenzie and b4,

    Great post.

    My favourite animal is a frog so I thought I might write about an adventurous frog. The big green frog did gigantic bounces back to his nice, big and blue pond.

    Did you like my sentence?

    Love from,
    2kj Australia.

  3. @ B4,

    Great post B4.

    Here is a sentence that has adjectives in it:

    The cosy and warm dog called Snugly, ran to the crowded, noisy, smelly and amazing zoo.

    I love using adjectives in my writing and they do make your sentences very interesting.

    I hope you use adjectives in your writing a lot.
    Not boring sentences.

    Your pal,
    Amelie (2KM)

  4. Hello there Mrs McKenzie and B4
    It has been a such a long time since we dropped by your blog. There are so many things to do during a teacher's busy day. However, it is lovely to catch up with other classes around the world to see what you are all up to in your learning. Congratulations on your fantastic sentences. Your spelling, grammar and punctuation is excellent. We have been working on our narrative writing lately. The title is 'The Day the Hall Took Off'. We tried very hard to use adjectives in our sentences. If you call by LLPS Middle Unit Blog next week, we shall have some stories published for everyone to read.
    We are starting holidays in two weeks so it is last week for homework next week. Hooray!
    From Mrs Lynch and MLY

  5. Dear b4
    Last weekend I went to the park with my Mum and my Nanny. It was fun. and some of my family are great and some of the kids are new like Yaksh. He is new and he is great.

    from L☃kah

  6. @ Miss. Leakey
    Thank you for your comment. We have a lot of fun trying to expand our vocabulary! We';re learning about making deliberate word choices in our writing.

    @ Amelie and Haille
    Thank you for your sdentences. We think your word choices are great. Imagine seeing a frog doing gigantic bounces! And we can just imagine how crowded and noisy and smelly the zoo is!

    @ Mrs Lynch
    We have to wait for 4 more weeks before our school holidays start. Usually they start sooner but this year they are delayed because of the Rugby World cup event.
    We look forward to reading your narratives.

    Thanks for your comment Lukah.
    We do have some great kids in our class don't we!

    from Mrs McKenzie and B4