Thursday, June 17, 2010

Crazy Hair house challenge

Today we had a crazy hair house challenge between Mawhera and Kawatiri.
In the end Kawatiri won, but all of the hairdressers did a great job, and the models were so brave!


  1. I liked summers hair do because she had crinks in her hair.

  2. I liked the crazy hair day because some of the boys hair was done like girls.Some of the boys looked funny and some where being silly. I loved the crazy hair day bye.from amber.

  3. I liked jase's hair the best.

  4. Mihihea and my mumJune 20, 2010 at 1:50 PM

    dear mrs mckenzie and B4

    what does the hair looks like?
    when does it follow it too?
    what is happedend there too?

    what is interisting and suprising?
    what is does it feel like?

    i like Luke hair because it
    looks like a flawess girl.
    i even like dylan hair because
    it looks like a fashion

    what house point are you in?
    Mawhera of Kawatiri you
    choose the right colour
    is it red whero of blue kahurangi

    By Mihihea Rangihika

  5. Brandon banks was funny because he dressed like
    a manwoman and it was silly.

  6. i think the photos of the heir day i think it was cool

  7. Jiajia and me thought Brandon looked cute!