Monday, June 14, 2010


Last week in Science the children made oobleck with Mrs Wistrand.
It started off slimy and then it went sticky.
Making oobleck was a lot of fun and you should have seen the floor afterwards!

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  1. When we made oobleck thor tasted it.He was so brave. Then Itasted it.It tasted like slime from a river.

  2. The oobleck tasted really bad.

  3. On topic we did science. we made oobleck at science. first, we needed water, second, we needed flour, and third, we needed a food coloring and we mixed it.

  4. I like your picture amber and courtney.

  5. Mihihea RangihikaJune 18, 2010 at 10:10 AM

    the sticky oobleck is taste yucky form mihi

  6. The oobleck was really sticky!!

  7. yucky yuck yuck yuck yucky oobleck by mihi

  8. I like making oobleck:)

  9. Dear Macknzie and B4

    How do you make Vampire slime.Now I have got some Questions for you.
    .What coulors do you use
    .What do you make it in
    .what do you make out of it

  10. Dear Mrs McKenzie and class,

    Wow! what a great post about Oobleck!
    You look like you had great fun!

    I have some questions for you about Oobleck...

    1. Did you make a mess?
    2. What color was the Oobleck?
    3. Did you make it in your classroom?
    4. Did you have fun?

    Your friend,


  11. Hello Anonymous from 2KM or 2KJ. (I wonder what your name is! )
    I will post the recipe for Vampire slime on our blog for you. Our vampire slime was red (of course!)
    We also made mucus slime and Goop. We loved the names of the slimes. Do you?
    from Mrs McKenzie

  12. Dear Mrs McKenzie and class,
    Did you eat Oobleck?
    Wow! What a great post:)
    It was awesome, I don't believe how much of a mess you made of Oobleck, I can't wait until I'm going to make Oobleck.
    I've got some questions for you?
    From Zoe (2KM)

    1.Did you make a mess?
    2.Did you make any colors?
    3.Did you have fun?
    It seams like you did have fun,I wished I could be in your grad.

  13. Dear Mrs McKenzie,
    was Oobleck fun!
    I was wondering if you could do a blog post about Vampire slime so I could do it at home.
    Oobleck is slimy is that right?

    I've got some questions for you,

    1.Did you have fun?
    2.Did you make a lot of mess in the class room?
    3.Did you make any colors with it.
    4.Did you learn a lot ?
    5.Do you like scince?
    I love scince!!
    What do you like about scince?
    We have a student teacher called Miss Brasier and we do scince with her.
    How is Mrs Wistrand.
    I can't wait until you put on an other post about vampire slime or Oobleck,So I can show my mum.I wished I can be in new Zeland but I'm in Austraila not New Zeland.
    You seam very fun in your grad.I have good blogging friends and you are one of them,I wished I could live with you.What are your kids names in the grad?
    Your blogs name is good or fantastic I should say.
    My name is Zoe and I'm in 2KM,It is a lovely place to be and we have a blog to you have been on it.The grad next to as is Miss Jordan,She is lovely as well.
    From Zoe

  14. Dear Mrs. McKenzie and class B4,

    What a awesome post and the grade loves it! I loved the video and the floor was messy!!!! I can't stop watching the video. The blog is awesome you said our blog was great and we have two awesome girls that keep on leaving a comment and we are so lucky because if we keep on leaving a comment we can get a blog. We are not so scared but I'm scared! I have a few questions for you,

    my first one for you is,

    did you do food die,

    my second one is,

    why did you want to make oobleck,

    my third one is,

    do you have a student teacher,

    my forth one is,

    what do you make it out of,

    that is all my questions for you.

    We are 2KM and we have some friends next doors and they are 2KJ. We have not made Vampire slime is it sticky also why is your topic is since.

    We have a student teacher and her name is Miss Brasier and we do since with her.

    How is Mrs Wistrand? Why do you have two teacher's?
    I can't wait until we meet, but we mit not meet.

    I can't wait to make vampire slime.

    I wished i can come and see New Zeland and you could come and see Australia and we could meet.

    We have great blogging friends and we have skype with them, I wished we could Skye each other one day.

    What are the kids name in the grade?

    Your blog name is great/fantastic I can't stop saying "the blog name is fantastic"!!! We just love the blog.


  15. Hi Ashleigh and the other 2KM commenters
    We did our science topic last term about 'Things that Ooze, Slime and Harden'. That's why we made lots of different slimes.
    This tern our topic is 'Children of Asia and the Pacific'. You might like to name some Asia or Pacific countries on our wallwisher. Click on the wallwisher label.
    We have two teachers because in the afternoon I teach Reading Recovery for part of the day.
    We don't have a student teacher in our class, but sometimes we do get student teachers at our school. At the moment the senior students in Year 10, 11, 12 and 13 have a student teacher for English once a week on Fridays.
    Maybe our classes can Skype each other. We Skyped our friends in Canada at the end of last term and it was a lot of fun.
    Thank you for your comments.
    from Mrs McKenzie

  16. Dear B4,

    I think the slime is really cool! I have one question: can you eat the slime? If you can, I bet it would taste sort of like a new kind o fruit. A mix of banana and orange or something like that.
    The experiment would be very fun to try. I have touched lots of slime before because it was in my frogs water tank. It was algae. It probably feels just like the slime you made.

    Alison in Mr. Salsich's class