Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Foggy, Frosty Morning

Today we came to school in the fog and the frost.
Our slide and playground were too icy to play on.
The sun finally came out at lunchtime!


  1. At june the 9th it was a foggy morning.So mum took
    me to school.

  2. On june the 9th it was so frosty and cold.our school playground was covered in ice so we could not play on it but we still went to play on it.The school steps were really icy and some people sliped on then

  3. B3 at Reefton Area SchoolJune 10, 2010 at 12:24 PM

    In B3 we have been discussing the weather and wondering;
    Who likes the frosty winter days, when the sun comes out after the fog clears?
    Who likes the warmer winter days when it rains but is not as cold as those frosty and foggy days?
    We took a classroom vote and discovered exactly 50% of students voted for frosty days and 50% voted for rainy.
    Which type of winters day do you prefer?

  4. Hey B3
    After lots of foggy days I long for a rainy day, and after lots of rainy days I long for a bit of frost! But I don't like the cold nights at all.

  5. today there was thunder storm's I did not like it very much.

  6. It is a frosty mornneftonig at Reeftn shool adam

  7. Every frosty morning if we don't put our car in the shed the car gets all frosty. It is so frosty that we can hardly open the car doors.

  8. its foggy and frosty by mihi