Friday, June 4, 2010

Some New Visitors and Old Friends

Hello Mrs Lynch
Thanks for visiting us. You didn't leave a back link but I think you are from LLPS Middle unit. Let me know if that's not right.
We can find you at this link:

We are really enjoying meeting other classes. Thanks to all the children from Mrs Watson's 123 class in Canada for all their great comments this week.


  1. Mihihea RangihikaJune 4, 2010 at 8:45 AM

    i just like the new vistors and old friends by mihi

  2. Mrs W and P/1 @Harston PSJune 4, 2010 at 5:35 PM

    Hi Year 2/3/4 @ Reefton,
    Thank you for your comments on our blog and for looking at our voicethread.

    Isn't it special being the only school from a whole country to do something?

    We were really surprised that only 2 schools from our part of the world had submitted voicethreads especially as we had left ours to the last minute.

    Harston is a very small school. You probably have more students in your whole class than we have in our school. Currently we have 23 students with 7 of us in year prep/one.

    When we looked at your voicethread today, we discovered that our schools have some things in common.
    We both have multi-age classes; we both wear school uniforms; we both live in countries that are part of the Commonwealth and we both were the first school in our country to send in a voicethread to

    From Mrs W and P-1 @ Harston PS

  3. Hello Class 2/3/4 at Refton in New Zealand. We will Google to find exactly where in the world your class is. Maybe you have heard of the Aussie Rules footy team, Geelong CATS. Lara is an outer suburb of Geelong. It is semi rural so we have the best of both worlds- city and country.
    There is an old post called Our School Uniform. We have the story about our school flag. You may find it interesting if you are on our blog. I think it is back in the May Archives.
    We have a post about our footy team as well.....
    Thanks for finding us.
    We love other blogs as well.
    Middle Class- MLY, LLPS
    ps your link to us is correct.

  4. Mrs McKenzie and class B4June 9, 2010 at 9:45 PM

    Hello Mrs W and P-1@Harston and Mrs Lynch and MLY
    It is great to have made contact with your classes. We hope we can share lots of comments and find out lots about each others schools.
    We are a semi-rural school - a lot of our children are from farming families and come to school on the bus. We also have children from mining families. We have primary-age and secondary-age children at our school.
    We are working on a VoiceThread at the moment about our town, and hope to publish it in a week or so. We are hoping that once it is on our blog other children will add comments about their towns.
    from Mrs McKenzie and B4