Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Winter wallwisher


  1. Dear Mrs. McKenzie and B4,
    Thank you for leaving us a comment on your blog.

    It is hard for us to believe it is your first day of winter we are getting ready to start summer.

    You asked us some great questions, here are the answers:

    The ferry we ride to swimming lessons takes about 25 minutes to get to the other side. Kids don't pay for the ferry when it is for school, but the adults have to. For adults it costs about $9.00 without a car and about $30.00 with a car. We get back to school at 11:00 and carry on with our day as usual. Was your swimming pool for lessons big? Was it an outdoor pool like ours?

    We do have winter at Christmas. We always hop to have a white, snowy Christmas, but we don't get snow very often here. Do you ever get snow? What is your Christmas like if it is summer?

    Talk to you soon,
    Mrs. W and the 1/2/3's

  2. Dear Mrs.McKenzie and B4
    Are you suprizd that you got so many stickies on
    your wall wisher? I hope you have a blast
    reading the stickies!
    love Niall

  3. Dear Niall
    Yes, we got a great surprise yesterday when we looked at our wall-wisher. It sounds like winter is a fun time in New Zealand and in Canada.
    It only snows in Reefton maybe once a year, but we can travel to play in the snow at the Lewis Pass (the road going over the mountains to the east coast). We can also travel on that road to Hanmer Springs, which is a thermal town with hot water pools from under the ground. That is one and a half hours from Reefton, but lots of us go there. There are also ski fields further away, but not many of us go skiing.
    Thanks for commenting
    from Mrs McK and B4

  4. I like myahs picture because she has neat writing and the puzzler and the voicethread and safe cycling and swimming.

  5. Some people in canada make a wall wisher.

  6. This is our 2nd wallwisher.