Wednesday, February 9, 2011

The Postcard Project

Today was a busy day. 
We walked to the Visitors Centre and the bookshop and made sure we had enough postcards.
In the afternoon we wrote our postcards for the postcard project and tomorrow they will be posted all around the world.
We learned that we only write on half of the back of the postcard, and we have to leave room to write the address clearly.

We will be waiting excitedly to see what comes back in the mail!


  1. Wow B4! That is so exciting! We drafted our postcard messages today and will hopefully be publishing them tomorrow. The plan is to send them all off and watch how long they take to get their destinations. I wonder if the one we send to you will arrive faster than the one we send to Invercargill?

  2. We've bought lots of postcards and are starting to send them off - its an exciting project isn't it! We've all been trying hard to get the address to fit onto the card; we know we have to get it right for the postie but it can be tricky can't it!

  3. Dear B4,

    Great postcards! I love writing postcards when I am travelling. They are a great way to send a special little message to someone you care about.

    I came across your blog while I was visiting Mr. Salsich's class blog.I thought it was really cool that in your class you are doing the Daily 5 too. I noticed your Cafe Menu in your blog header. We use the Daily 5 in our classroom. The students LOVE all the choice it brings and they really like being able to pick out Just Right Reading books for Read to Self time. What is your favorite thing about the Daily 5?

    Great blog post! Keep up the good work.

    Mrs. Webb-Scheers ♥
    The Classroom Connection

    p.s I have added your blog to our blog roll. This way the students of 4WS can visit your blog and see all the wonderful work you are doing in B4.

  4. I hope you guys like our post cards I had fun making them.
    from Hamish

  5. I am waiting for a Lost tooth or a wiggly tooth

    by Ganda

  6. Hi everyone
    Thank you all for your comments.

    We hope our postcard wins the race! We really enjoyed choosing the postcards.

    @Ms Breyley
    We wonder how long our postcard will take to get to Burravoe! Does the postman come to Burravoe School every day?

    @Mrs Webb-Scheers
    The thing we like best about Daily 5 so far is choosing our books. At the moment we are only doing read to self, because we have only been back for two weeks.

    from B4

  7. Greetings from Hawes School, Wensleydale, North Yorkshire, England. We are new to blogging and we are very busy getting our skills up to speed. Therefore looking around your site has been great. I really like the idea of a postcard project, hopefully we will get the chance to arrange something like that for our children to do.
    I've enjoyed reading the popcorn section, lucky dip and was very impressed with your writing about 'feelings'. We have one week until we have a week off! hopefully we will be able to put some work up during that time.
    I hope you can drop by to visit us at you need to be very proud of your work, it's inspirational.
    Hey your rugby team is pretty good too!

    Mr E

  8. Hello B4,
    The Pirates are getting very excited about their postcard arriving. It will be interesting to see what differences there are between your school and ours as they are both in New Zealand. I think it might arrive on Monday, but that's just a guess.
    We will be sending ours out this week. We hope you like it.
    Miss. Leakey and The Pirates

  9. Hi
    Hi B4
    The postie comes to our school on Mondays to Fridays and on Saturday he brings the school post to my house. On Sundays he has a day off!

    We keep seeing Daily 5 being mentioned on blogs and we have been wondering what it is?

    Ms Breyley and Burravoe School

  10. Dear B4,
    We got your postcard yesterday. We like the picture. We haven't posted ours yet and someone is our class wanted to know how you post it. Please don't tell us we'll find out as a class.
    Thank you for the postcard and we liked what it said, it was interesting to find out about mining. We liked how your wrote it and made it.
    We hung the postcard up on our map, we will send you a picture soon.

    We hope you have a good year.
    From The PIrates of Room 4.

  11. Hello Mrs McKenzie and B4,
    Guess what was in our mail today?? Your postcard! The postcard was dated 10th of February and today is the 15th of February, so it took 5 days to travel to us.
    We are still collecting our postcards. We hope to start sending them soon.
    We are going to hang our postcards up in our room like the pirates.
    Look out for out card!
    from Mrs W & P-2

  12. happy valentine's day to everyone

  13. One day I might come to Joberth's house. We will play outside to play hide and seek and tag.
    Then we will go inside to watch t.v. We will watch Tom and Jerry. After that we will play with Joberth's sister. Then we will play
    with Joberth's Barbie toys.
    Then I will go home

    from Ganda