Tuesday, February 1, 2011

We're back .... and busy!

We've had a great start to our new year. 
Already this morning we have found out about one of our new projects this term - 

In February, March and April we will keep a tally of children who have lost teeth, 
or have wobbly teeth, 
or who are waiting!

Today we read a description of the Tooth Fairy together, then worked with a buddy to highlight the keywords, before we started to draw her.

Do you have any wiggly, wobbly teeth?
How many teeth have you lost?
What do you do with your teeth when they come out?


  1. Dear Mrs. McKenzie and B4,

    Welcome back! I hope everyone had a wonderful summer and are rest and ready to learn!

    I have not lost a tooth in years, but when I was little...I lost all of them. Not at one time, of course. I used to put my tooth under the pillow and always was visited by the Tooth Fairy.

    I'll be curious to hear what people do with their teeth!

    Your friend,
    Mrs. Y♥llis

  2. Welcome back B4!
    The grade 2/3's will be so glad to hear that you have started your new year! I know they will be looking forward to hearing how your break was.

    Like Mrs. Yollis, I haven't lost a tooth in years either. I remember leaving my tooth under my pillow and waking up to find money in its place. I think the Tooth Fairy usually left us a quarter (25 cents).

    So glad you are back :)

    Mrs. W

  3. I hope you all had a great holiday, it sounds as if you havea great project to start the year. I wonder how many teeth you will lose this term. A long time ago I too used to put my teeth under my pillow and the tooth fairy always came.
    Don't forget when you do get your new teeth to look after them really well :) My class brush their teeth after lunch every day at school, do you do that too?

    Ms Breyley
    Burravoe School

  4. Mrs. Kistler of the 49'ers (http://blogs.neisd.net/ikistl/)February 2, 2011 at 2:49 PM

    Welcome back B4!
    My third graders occasionally lose teeth...kids put them under their pillow and the Tooth Fairy replaces it with a coin or dollar bill.
    February is Dental Health Month in Texas, so a dentist will visit with our third grade class in two weeks.
    My class thinks it's very interesting to have a summer break over the Christmas holiday. Right now, it's in the 30's outside. Much of the United States is cold right now. What is your weather like in February?
    We are new to blogging. Do you have any tips for us?

  5. Mrs McKenzie and class B4February 2, 2011 at 3:56 PM

    @Mrs Yollis
    In B4, children seem to put their lost teeth either under their pillow or in a glass of water. Some have little china tooth keepers to put the tooth in to until the tooth fairy collects it.

    @Mrs Watson
    The children were puzzled about why a coin would be called a quarter, so we had a quick maths lesson. We don't have 25c coins, we have 20c coins.
    Most B4 children seem to get $1 or $2 for teeth.
    We are slowly getting back into blogging and commenting mode.

    @Caroline Breyley
    Wow, brushing teeth at school! Burravoe children must have very healthy mouths.
    Ganda has lunch at home and then brushes her teeth, but other B4 children just brush after breakfast and dinner.

    @Mrs Kistler
    In New Zealand the teeth of primary age children are looked after by school dental therapists. Children usually get seen once or twice in a year, unless a problem occurs. The dental therapists come to our school for several weeks at a time.
    As I mentioned in my comment back to your blog, it is about 20˚C today, and wet.
    I visited San Antonio with my husband in January 1990 when we were holidaying in Kerrville Tx. We really enjoyed our time there.

    thanks for commenting

    Mrs M♔Kenzie

  6. I love this page! It's great to see B4 enjoying the Tooth Tally Project!

  7. Dear B4,

    I have two wobbly teeth. I have lost 3 teeth.

    Talk To You Soon


  8. Dear B4,
    I have 2 wiggly teeth and I have lost 8 teeth so far.

  9. Dear Mrs Mckenzie and B4
    Hi B4 I am Jordan from Mrs Watson class.I am so glad that you are back to school.I lost two teeth.What I do with my teeth I give the tooth fairy:)


  10. Dear Mrs McKenzie and B4,
    I think I lost about 5 teeth but I do not now for sure.
    from Silkence.

  11. Dear Miss McKenzie,
    Hi Miss McKenzie I'm Jenny from mrs Watson's class I'm so glad that you are back to school. Is there's any tooth fairy went to your class? I think I lost 2 teeths last year. Hope you leve me a comment back.
    From Jenny

  12. i went to the school pool it is fun tristan i can touch the bottom.
    by Ganda

  13. Dear B4,

    Welcome back to school! It is a very exciting time of the year, everyone meets their new classes and teachers and we start a new year of learning adventures!

    The Tooty Tally project sounds like lots of fun. Losing teeth is a pretty special part of being a kid! :)

    Once when I went to the dentist a few years ago, the dentist told me I still had one of my baby teeth up near the back of my mouth! I was very surprised to hear that! It may come out one day or it might just stay there!

    I'm looking forward to learning from you and with you this year!

    Your friend,
    Miss Jordan

  14. Dear B4
    Dylan and Masons Nana and Pop and friend Isobella wish you all the best for the first term of 2011. Work hard and have fun!

  15. i like my tooth fairy because I am waiting for my tooth fairy.

    by Joberth

  16. @ Mrs McKenzie,

    Hi, my name is Alana and I am in 2KM. I love your blog!

    We have already read the whole book of Flat Stanley. What do you thick of the Flat Stanley

    Best wishes,