Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Amazed by Arrays

We are learning about arrays and how they can help us to count groups of objects quickly 
by skip-counting.
Arrays are set out in rows and columns.
Inspired by the photos we saw on Mrs Lynch's class in Australia, we went looking for arrays around our school.
Arrays are found everywhere!

Amazed with Arrays on PhotoPeach

When we write the number story for an array, the first number tell how many rows there are, the second number tells how many objects are in each row.

Have a look around your home.
Can you find some arrays?
Can you write the number story for the array you found?


  1. Hey B4 gang!

    Wow, what a great idea! We're learning about multiplication and arrays at the moment too!

    We might have to have a look around our school for some arrays!

    Can't wait to read your number stories!

    Miss Goodey

  2. Hi B4,
    It was great to see all the photos around your school that showed arrays. We were out and about around our school looking for 2D and 3D shapes! We found heaps. I had never thought to use the school to find arrays too. We will be learning about multiplication in a few weeks time so I'll be sure to use this to help inspire my class and support their understanding.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Miss. Leakey and The Pirates

  3. Hi Mrs McKenzie and B4,
    Thank you for sharing your lesson about arrays. It was very helpful because we are learning abour arrays too and it gave us lots of ideas of places to look. We searched our classroom and playground to find arrays today. We found so many! Here are some -
    the fence (Ryan)
    number chart (Angus)
    calendar (Noah F.)
    our trays (Cooper)
    Can you remember what the most interesting array that you found was?
    From K/1D