Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Survey about Healthy Lunches

The children are looking at how to promote a 
'Healthy Foods for Lunches' message, 
with Miss Marquet. 
They have designed a survey for you to answer. 
They want the children in B5 and B3 to answer the survey, but also welcome answers 
from other places too.
Our survey is in two parts.
Please answer both!

Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey, the world's leading questionnaire tool.

Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey, the world's leading questionnaire tool.

Thank you for your answers.
Do you have any questions to ask US?


  1. Dear B4,

    What a great survey! I enjoyed responding to it.

    I always try to bring a healthy snack and lunch to school so that I can have a treat after dinner or on the weekend.

    I usually bring apple and yoghurt for snack and a salad and an apple for lunch. Sometimes I bring vegetable soup for lunch.

    On the weekend, I love having a toasted ham and cheese sandwich.

    We are lucky to have a good canteen here at Leopold Primary School. We cannot buy junk food but there are lots of delicious healthy options.

    I hope you enjoy looking at the results of your survey.

    Best wishes,
    Mrs M☀rris

  2. Dear Mrs Morris
    We looked at your html page and look what we can do!
    ♥ ♦ ♣ ♠ ♔ ☆ ♥ ☆ ☀ ☆ ♔ ♦ ♔ ★ ♔

    from B4

  3. Hello Mrs McKenzie and B4,
    What a great survey. I hope that you are getting lots of responses from your school and from others.

    Many primary schools in Australia don't have school canteens unless it is a very big school. Some schools have a lunch order system with the local shop on several days per week.

    At Harston PS, you have to bring your own lunch. We don't have a canteen and we don't have lunch orders. If the students want a hot lunch, they have to bring it in a thermos from home.

    I hope you have a great holiday in 2 weeks.

    Mrs W @ Harston PS

  4. Dear Mrs Morris
    Thank you for your comment
    we really appreciate it.

    from Tyla

  5. @ B4,

    I found the survey interesting to do.

    I mostly have sandwiches for lunch but usually on a Friday I get a lunch order from the canteen. I love having Dino Snacks and chicken burgers.

    At school we have brain food (fruit) in the morning and we have fruit Friday where we get a piece of fruit.

    Your pal,
    Jarr☀d (2KM / jarrodsblog)

  6. Dear b4

    I have a favourite fruit. It is a kiwi fruit, banana, and a pineapple. My favourite vegetable is carrot, beans, and peas. i have a favourite sandwich. It is chocolate, ham and cheese. and egg.

    your friend Ganda.

  7. In weekend I watched a movie called Barnyard. We got to eat cake and we got to drink fizzy. We got eat pizza. Their was funny bit because a donkey kicked the farmer in the head by Spike

  8. Dear B4
    My favourite fruit is Rasberry.My favourite sandwich filling is egg.
    from Paige in B4

  9. Dear B4
    Today in my lunch I had a sandwich, mandarin and a cookie

    from Tyl☆

  10. Dear Mrs Yollis

    I think you can come to Reefton area school

    This is Jonathon

    best wishes by Jonathon


  11. Dear B4.
    you have to eat healthy food about 6 times a week.

    Do you know any healthy food?

    by Dylan