Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Conversations between aliens

In Writing we have been learning how to show conversations, 
and we are also learning to use words other than 'said'.
We know that each time another character speaks, we start on a new line.
How do you think Ganda, Paige, Spike, Jack and Dylan did in their first drafts?

What do YOU think the aliens are saying to each other?
Do you know some more words to use instead of 'said'?


  1. Dear B4,

    First off, I think you did an amazing job! Learning to write dialogue is always a very difficult thing.

    I always teach my students a lot of the same things. I think it's important to find a variety of words to use. Instead of said you could use replied, responded, whispered, demanded, yelled, added, told, or insisted.

    Keep up the great work!

    Mr. Avery

  2. Dear B4
    The new people came.
    from kayden.

  3. Dear Mr Avery

    Thank you for those really great words. We will use them in our writing. We are going to put them on our chart.

    We hope you have a very nice summer holiday.

    best wishes
    from B4

  4. Dear B4.
    I think i know what the aliens are saying to each other. The first alien says ''what should we play.''

    from Ganda.

  5. In the weekend i went to the horses. It was fun because i got to ride my horse. After that I got to ride my mum's horse down a track. It was fun because I fell off my mum's horse .

    by spike

  6. Dear B4
    I think I know what the alien is saying, " gfifttyu uiytfgh"
    alien wishes From Lily.

  7. Dear B4 .
    I think the alien is saying ''I want to play ball ''.

    From Dylan.

    Alein wisshes.

  8. Dear b4
    I think the alien is saying' can I go to your pace.'

    Alien wishes from jack

  9. Dear b4
    i am going to the shop today
    by teagan

  10. Dear B4.

    I think that i know the aliens were saying. The first alien say we can play hide and seek.
    The second alien say lets play truth or dare.
    The first and the second alien argued.
    The third alien say lets play hide and seek.

    Alien wishes from Ganda.