Friday, August 30, 2013

Liv's Little Lamb

(This is a guest post by Liv.)

Recently I got a lamb. It was a girl. 
I named her Ruby because I've already had a lamb called Max and now I have a lamb called Ruby. (There is a TV show called Max and Ruby!).
I got her for an early birthday present for when I turn 7.

She is so loud that I could hear her from the bathroom and she was in the living room.
Because Ruby is so noisy when I put her into her cage, she keeps me up all night until she falls fast asleep.
I got Ruby from my nana.
Ruby is only a few days old and lives inside at the moment, because she might wander away. 
When she is bigger she will live up at the calf pen with the calves.
Sometimes Ruby wears a nappy to keep the house clean.

We have to feed Ruby every four hours. She drinks a lot.

Today Ruby came in for a visit to school. I thought she would be nervous but she was fine.

Lambs are good pets to have and they are cuddly.
Ruby is so loveable and she is the best pet in the world!

Do you have a lamb or another pet?
How do you take care of it?
What do you like about your pet?

by Liv

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Toys: Past, Present and Future

Within our big idea 'Look Back to Look Forward', 
this term's Social Studies topic is 'Toys: Past, Present and Future'.

One of Mrs McKenzie's favourite toys when she was growing up in the 1960s were her little china tea-sets. 
One of them had also been played with by her mother as a child!

Mr McKenzie loved playing with his truck.

Tell us about your favourite toy when you were aged 
about 5-8 years old.
Which decade was that in?
 2000- now, 
or even earlier?

What do you think children will play with in the future?

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Playing with Words

We've been discussing how effective writers like to play with, and have fun with words. 

Six year-old Jamie has had fun playing with words.
We hope you enjoy this story that she wrote independently as a  Daily5 choice at reading time today.

What did you enjoy about Jamie's writing?

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Celebrating 125 Years of ...

This week our town celebrated the 125th anniversary of 
public electricity in our town.
Reefton was the first place in the southern hemisphere to get a public supply of electricity, 
which was quite an achievement for a small township in 1888!
Photo panel in Reefton iSite

This weekend we have enjoyed a winter's evening light festival with food, laser lights, music, a market day, a fireworks display; 
and a visit from the Minister of Energy, Simon Bridges.

Did you take part in the celebrations?
For our visitors, does your town have a claim to fame?