Wednesday, September 6, 2017

A Progression of Art Skills Over the Year

Back in Term 1 our Social Studies topic was around the heritage buildings that we have in our town.

The art with Mrs. W. was based around this topic too.
The children sketched, built models, and created 
crayon-and-dye art of the heritage buildings.

The next progression was print-making.
These prints were made by carving the buildings into printing foam blocks.

 Mrs. W. introduced the class to the work of Frederick Hundertwassr, 
an Austrian-born New Zealand artist.
He designed a well-known toilet block in the north of New Zealand.
Hundertwasser liked curves and bright colours, and based his shapes on forms of nature.

The children used the ideas of Hundertwasser to create 
art works. 
They practised using colours and curvy shapes, using colouring pencils.

They made more prints, this time cutting and gluing cardboard shapes to create their printing block.

They created our heritage buildings in the stye of Hundertwasser, using pastel.

The culmination of the work was to use paint to create an art work of buildings in the style of Hundertwasser.

The students are very proud of their artworks!

Do you have a favourite artist?