Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Family Challenge 2012

This is a great time of year to hold the Family Challenge.
The weather is colder, the nights are darker, but there is plenty of fun and frivolity in the school hall.
This year saw fourteen teams take part in these closely-contested events based on a theme of 'Fun, Play, Celebrate':
Operation Gold
Sporty Balls
Fluffy Ducks
Name that Tune
Mini Quiz
Junky to Funky

Congratulations to the B4 students who were in the winning team!
What was your favourite challenge activity?

Monday, May 28, 2012

Making Sushi

Last week we made pasta as part of our 
Science and Technology unit.
Today we made sushi.
Quite a few of us had tried sushi before, and some even buy sushi for lunch sometimes. 
For others, it was a new experience.
It was so yummy we wished we had made more!

Do you like sushi?
What are your favourite fillings?
Have you ever made sushi?
What other rice dishes do you like?

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Making Pasta

In our Science topic with Mrs Wistrand we are 
observing, describing and comparing 
physical changes of materials when they are heated. 
We are using rice, noodles and pasta.

First we investigated and compared:
Our rice investigation

Observational drawings

Comparing properties
Then, we got to make pasta!

Have you ever made your own pasta?
What is your favourite pasta dish?

Friday, May 18, 2012

The Tale Trail - Part 3

Our collaborative writing project with five other classes, the Tale Trail, continues right here! 
Several weeks ago, the classes voted on a topic for the story and the idea with the most votes was “An underground tunnel is found under the school. It takes you to…”  
Mr. Salsich's class started the story.  
Mrs Yollis' class continued with Part 2.
We will now add our part to the story,  and then Mr Avery's class will continue it.

Suddenly Tiffany heard Max call her name. She quickly turned and saw a packet of cotton candy flying through the air towards her. Tiffany reached out and grabbed it. "Mmm, cotton candy IS delicious. I'll have it later," she thought to herself, but she still said to Max, "Maximilian, hurry up!"
The cotton candy came flying through the air.

Max knew Tiffany was very upset and angry so he scurried after her.

When Max caught up he grabbed Tiffany by the hand and exclaimed, "Let's take a break and decide what to do."
Tiffany agreed so the two children sat down and started to talk. "I don't know how Ben Franklin and the carnival got there but I don't want to go back to it," announced Tiffany.
"Okay, we won't," agreed Max, "but let's not go back to school yet."

Tiffany leaned against the wall. CRAAAACK! SMAAAASH!
A part of the wall moved like a secret door! Tiffany was alarmed but Max was excited. He rushed through the opening. Tiffany stood watching and feeling scared.
A secret door opened in the wall.

Suddenly the door started to close. Tiffany quickly thought, "I'm nervous to go in there but I don't want to be separated from Max."
She charged through the gap and the door slammed shut.
The children pushed and heaved at the door, but it was no use.

Max and Tiffany stared around them.
"What place are we in?" they wondered.
"How did that happen?" exclaimed Tiffany.
"I don't know, but let's find out," replied Max, as they were looking down at some steep, stony steps.

They were in a cave. It was spacious and rocky. There were fire torches on the walls!
The cave was big and rocky, with fire torches on the walls.

"Do you think someone else has been here?" asked Tiffany.
"I think so," answered Max. "Shall we explore?" begged Max.
"Absolutely!" answered Tiffany, "but first let's eat this cotton candy." .....
A map of the journey so far.

What do you think will happen next?

You can read Part 4 on Mr Avery's class blog here.
You can read Part 5 on Mrs Watson's class blog here.
You can read Part 6 -The Conclusion on 4KM&4KJ's blog here.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Ooze, Fizz and Bang

We ended National Science Week with a science activity day for Years 1-9.
Each vertical grouping of students got to take part in seven out of the ten activities:
Fizzical Reactions
Light and Colour
Funky Lava Lamps
Taste-bud Sensations
Sherbet Fizz
Hokey Pokey
Eggs and Water

Do you like science?
What are your favourite science activities?

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Running in the Rain

The school's cross-country runs were held in the rain today! 
The younger classes ran their courses in the morning 
and the Year 8-13 students 
ran their course in the afternoon.
By the end of the day the weather cleared 
and we had some blue sky! 

Thanks to Tyla from B4 for the photos.

Did you enjoy the cross-country?
Did you get wet?

'The Tale Trail' begins!

We are collaborating on a story with five other classes.
The first part of the story is written!
Head on over to Mr Salsich's class blog to read it.

We can't wait for Part 2 which will be written by Mrs Yollis' class.

What do you think will happen next?

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Observational Drawings of Our Beans

We've been keeping a close eye on our bean seeds
Some have finally germinated.
The seeds that have germinated are the two sets that are facing out the windows.

The two sets of beans seeds facing into the room have not changed at all!

Why might the outward-facing beans be growing and not the inward-facing beans?

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

The Tale Trail

In the coming weeks, we’ll be taking part in a collaborative project called The Tale Trail.
Classes will be joining together to write and illustrate a story through their blogs.
It will start with one class writing the first part of the story and posting it to their blog.
Then, the next class will read the beginning of the story and add on to it through their blog.
We’ll continue until we get to the last class.
They’ll put the finishing touches on it and wrap the whole story up!

Each class will have 3 school days to work on their portion of the story.
At the bottom of each post, there will be links to the parts of the story that have already been done as well as the next part of the story once it’s finished.
In order to read the whole thing, you’ll be taken on a journey through the blogs of all six classes.
Down below you’ll be able to find the dates around when each class should be posting their portion of the story. You can also see a map showing the locations of all the classes.
Of course one of the most important story elements are plot, characters, and setting. 
The plot is what takes place in a story. 
The characters are who is in the story. 
The setting is when the story takes place. 
As of right now, all of that is missing from ours! 

We need your help in voting for what our story will be about. 
Use the poll below to vote for your favorite story topic. 
Voting will close on Saturday, May 5th. 
Then, check Mr. Salsich’s class blog next week to find out what topic was chosen as they kick off the first part of the project!

What did you vote for and why?
What's your favourite part about writing a story?