Wednesday, September 24, 2014

The Big Slurp

We are lucky to be part of the Milk in Schools programme, and we enjoy our cartons of milk each day after lunch break.
Today we took part in 
'The Big Slurp', 
for World Milk Day.

Did your class take part in 'The Big Slurp'?

Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Fish of Maui

The students from B4 have been working with Mrs Wright in Drama this term.

In the story, Maui (a Maori demi-god) hides away in his brothers' waka (canoe) when they go fishing. 
They row out from Te Waka a Maui - the South Island, 
(also known as Te Wai Pounamu) 
and Maui fishes up a huge fish which becomes the North Island - Te Ika a Maui 
(the fish of Maui)

Here is our play, called "The Fish of Maui'.

B4 students - what was your part in the play?

Do you have a favourite legend of Maui?

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Discovery Time

A few weeks ago we 
read a post by our blogging buddies, E7,about their Discovery Time.
The B4 students were quite taken with this idea. 
On their own initiative, they wrote some persuasive letters and the result is 
we now have Discovery Time in B4!
It's a great time to practise our Key Competencies - 
Managing Self
Relating to Others
Using Language, Symbols and Text
Participating and Contributing.

What do you love about Discovery Time?
What new activities could we try?