Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Enviro Action Day

As an Enviro school we have been learning about our school's landscape, and how we can maintain our landscape for future generations. 
We thought about, discussed and planned what we think our school's landscape needs, for the benefit of our school community.

We have a bush area at school that we haven't been able to play in. The class decided that a good project would be to prune and tidy the undergrowth which might lead to students being able to safely play in the space.

To prepare, the class practised using a variety of gardening tools safely, and finally we got to put our ideas into action.

We think we've made a big difference to our playground area!

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Snail Art

Our art in the past term has been around textured landscapes, and from there the children have moved into observational drawing of creatures and plants. 
Our latest art works feature snails.
The children used Vivid pens to make the outlines stand out, then used strong dye to colour their work.

Friday, May 18, 2018

Learning About the Piano

In Term 1 the class learned about Beethoven and the piano.
They learned that Beethoven was a composer, 
and that he persevered even though he faced many challenges in his life.  
From when he was a small child, Beethoven practised playing the piano for many hours of the day, 
and although he went deaf at age 27 he continued to write and perform great music.

While one of our students played a short tune, 
the class took a look inside an upright piano to see how the sound was made.

Do you learn a musical instrument?
What instrument do you most like to listen to?

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Showing "Aspire' at the School Cross-Country

Our B4 students got the chance to show our school value of 'Aspire' by training for, and running in, our school cross-country.
Our school values are match with the initials of our school name!
Reefton - respect
Area - aspire
School - self-manage.

Everyone worked hard and kept going even when they were tired!

What are your school values?
How can you show them?