Thursday, February 27, 2014

Our Korowai

In B4 we've been  talking about friendships and belonging.

 We wrote the names of the different groups we belong to on long strips of paper and wove all the strips together to show that although we belong to many different groups, we still 
respect, include and look after each other.
This is our class korowai (cloak).

What groups do you belong to?
How do you make sure other people are included?

Friday, February 21, 2014

Who Am I?

We've been writing physical descriptions of ourselves.
(A physical description tells what we look like.)
We've been working on using both long and short sentences in our writing. 
We know that we can join two simple sentences by using a conjunction to form a longer sentence.
Conjunctions are joining words such as 'for', 'and', 'nor', 'so', 'but', 'or', and 'yet'.

Can you match our photos to our descriptions?
Each photo has a letter name.
Leave us a comment telling us which letter matches with which numbered description!

Check for Understanding

One of the strategies we use every time we read is to 
check for understanding.
As we read a page, or even a paragraph, we know to stop and ask ourselves who is in the story and what is happening.

Our song helps us to remember our strategy!

Leave us a comment about who is in the book you are reading, and what is happening!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Welcome to Our Quad-blogging Aotearoa Buddies!

In the past we have enjoyed quad-blogging 
Quad-blogging is an idea thought up by Mr. Mitchell, a teacher in the UK.
This year, we are going to enjoy meeting and blogging with three other classes right here in Aotearoa! 
(Aotearoa is the Maori name for New Zealand).
Quad-blogging Aotearoa

Each week one of the class blogs will be the focus blog, 
and the other classes will visit and leave comments. 
After four weeks, each class will have had a turn at being the host blog.
Our buddies this year are at
Clyde School (point B) 
Broadlands School (point C)
and Eastern Hutt School (point D).

This week our class is the first host class.
We can't wait to meet our new friends!

Do you know:
We are a class of 27 Year 2/3 students, aged 5, 6, and 7.
There are 14 girls and 13 boys.
We have 13 Year 3s and 14 Year 2s.
Sixteen of us were in B4 last year too!
We have two teachers during the day, Mrs. McKenzie and Mrs. Wistrand.

Our school is an Area school, which means we have students aged from 5 years old up to 18 years old! 
Some live in town and some live on farms and come to school on the school bus.
Our town has about 900 people living in it.

We hope you enjoy our earlier posts from this year.
 In this one you can tell us what 
this one is great for learning to tie your shoelaces!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

School Is Not the Only Place We Learn Things!

We've been discussing how learning happens in many places and in many ways.
In their first week back at school the B4 students reflected on what they had learned or got better at during the summer holidays.

What learning do you do out of school?