Thursday, June 27, 2019

Repertory For Kids - B4 presents 'Fearless'.

The Year 3 students presented their play at our school's annual Repertory for Kids afternoon.

There is nothing that will scare Mr and Mrs Brown ... or is there?

Check back over the next week or so to see the Year 2 play, plus the plays of the other classes!

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Moon Craters

Have you ever wondered about the moon?
Wondered why it seems to change shape?
Wondered what the moon surface is like?

B4 have been finding out about the moon.
This week we talked about the craters on the moon. 
We did an experiment to find out how the different-sized craters may have formed.
We used a tray of flour as the moon's surface, and dropped a variety of balls onto it.

We were surprised when the little marble went in deeper than the big ball!
Why might that have happened?

Can you see the patterns left in the flour by the softball?

Do you have an interesting fact about the moon to share with us?
Do you have a question about the moon?